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8 Best Travel Blenders in 2020

Looking for the best travel blender? You came to the right place! We’ve gathered the best small travel blenders for delicious smoothies on the go. With the right travel size blender, you can make healthy shakes and smoothies no matter where you are. These compact and powerful blenders give you total control of your dietary needs even when you’re far away from home.

What makes a good travel blender?

Travel Blender in a SuitcaseThe best travel blenders are powerful, lightweight, and small. If you’re traveling, you want to keep it small and light enough to fit into your luggage.

Another thing to consider is your blender’s power source. If you need a battery-powered or a corded blender also depends on the kind of smoothies you want to make.

USB rechargeable blenders usually come with a slightly weaker motor compared to corded blenders. Even though their motor isn’t quite as strong, USB-types still get most blending jobs done. You won’t need electricity to operate them, and you can even blend fresh smoothies right in your car.

If you’re a fan of green smoothies with lots of ice, however, I would go for a corded blender with at least 700 watts of blending power. Tougher ingredients like leafy greens, frozen fruits, and ice cubes need more blending power than soft fruits for example.

Have you decided which kind of blender you need?

Please choose your desired type of blender and I’ll show you some of the best travel blenders in both categories:

Best Corded Travel Blenders

Best Battery-Operated Travel Blenders

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Section 1

The Best Travel Blenders

1. Hamilton Beach 51101AV | Best Choice

The Hamilton Beach 51101AV is one of the best travel blenders, as its compact size make it the perfect companion for camping or traveling.

It’s clear that Hamilton Beach designed this blender with small living spaces in mind. It’ll fit in any cabinet or stay on your counter without taking up much space.

Tired of carrying extra cups for your smoothies while you’re traveling?

The Hamilton Beach comes with a travel cup and a lid so you won’t need to refill your shakes or smoothies. You can drink directly from the jar, just remove it from the base and you’re good to go.

This personal blender features a 175-watt motor, which is sufficient for most tasks. It creates creamy fruit smoothies and can even handle small amounts of tougher ingredients like frozen fruits, and crushed ice. The 14 oz jar has the right size for single-serve smoothies and will fit in most car cup holders.

If you’re a fan of quiet blenders look no further!

This blender is one of the quietest personal blenders out there. You can blend in your hotel room or even in your office without disturbing others.

The Hamilton Beach travel smoothie blender comes in five different colors and either a one or two-jar version is available.


  • The Hamilton Beach is not the most powerful travel blender out there, but it handles simple blending tasks well.
  • The blade isn’t detachable, it’s best to clean it right after usage.


Overall Opinion: The Hamilton Beach single-serve blender is the perfect on the go blender. It’s one of the most affordable personal blenders out there, is very compact and has enough power to create delicious and healthy smoothies on the go.

2. Ninja Fit | Travel Blender for Green Smoothies

You’re not quite convinced that the Hamilton Beach blender has the power you need for your smoothies on the go? Then let me introduce you the Ninja Fit. This more compact brother of the popular Nutri Ninja comes with a strong 700-watt motor.

That’s more than enough power to pulverize even the toughest ingredients like ice cubes, nuts, and seeds. If you’re a fan of delicious green smoothies on the go, the Ninja Fit will serve you right. It handles leafy greens like a champ!

If you’ve ever owned a Ninja, you’ll know why so many people love these small blenders.

Everything fits well together and the plastic cups are thicker and more durable than the ones of the competition. I own my Nutri Ninja for several years now, use it every day and it’s still going strong.

The Ninja Fit comes with two 16 oz Nutri Ninja Cups, two travel lids, as well as a colorful smoothie recipe book. The motor base has the size of a coffee cup and everything will fit in your hand luggage without an issue. You can take this compact, powerful blender everywhere you go and enjoy healthy smoothies all around the world.

There’s no need to carry extra cups for your smoothies while traveling, as you can drink your smoothies right out of the included Nutri Ninja cups after blending. The travel lids are secure, and you can carry your smoothies in your bag without fear of spilling.

See the Ninja Fit in action:


  • The strong 700-watt motor of the Ninja Fit is quite noisy.
  • No hands-free feature, you have to hold down the cup while blending.
  • The Ninja Fit isn’t quite as compact as the Hamilton Beach.


Overall Opinion: If you want a powerful blender for green smoothies on the go, the Ninja Fit is a great choice. The 700-watt motor is powerful enough to create delicious green smoothies without any residues left. It even crushes ice just like a full-size countertop blender. It has endless positive reviews all over the internet and is one of the best selling personal blenders.

3. Oster MyBlend | Colorful Portable Blender

This colorful, and stylish personal blender looks like no other blender on the market today. What a beauty! It comes in four different colors to match your luggage.

This cute personal blender not only looks gorgeous, but it’s also small enough to carry it with you everywhere you go. It’s super convenient and the perfect travel blender for those needing a quick smoothie on the go.

The Oster MyBlend is powered by a 250-watt motor. It will make quick work of fruits and small amounts of crushed ice, frozen fruits, and greens.

You blend your favorite smoothies and shakes right in the sport bottle, there is no need to pour your drinks into another bottle after blending. The included 20 oz sports bottle is durable and the flip lid is secure.

There are bottles in different colors for sale, so your whole family can use this blender with their own individual bottles.

Oster MyBlend presentation:


  • Always precut your fruits and greens and use crushed ice instead of ice cubes to make it easier on the machine.
  • The 250-watt motor isn’t strong enough to blend ingredients without added liquids.
  • The replacement bottles in different colors look gorgeous but are pretty expensive.


Overall Opinion: The Oster MyBlend looks great, is inexpensive and compact. It’s quick and easy to use and clean. If you’re looking for a simple travel blender that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Oster MyBlend is a good choice.

4. Keyton Personal Blender | Strong & Affordable

The Keyton Personal Blender has a 300-watt motor and is even more powerful than the Oster MyBlend and the Hamilton Beach. If you don’t care much about the design of your blender and want an excellent performance at the best price possible, this single-serve blender is a decent option.

The Keyton comes with a large 21 oz portable bottle with a travel lid. The lid is secure and makes it easy to take your shakes and smoothies on the road. You can take it to the gym or carry it in your bag without fear of spilling.

For the low price it sells for, this blender is pretty powerful!

The 300-watt motor powers through chopped veggies, small amounts of ice and frozen fruits without any issues. It creates delicious smoothies without any chunks in no time.

The blender works completely hands-free. Twist the bottle, turn it on, and you’re good to go.

The Keyton is might not be as strong as a Vitamix or the Ninja Fit, but it’s good enough for fruit smoothies with a good amount of ice and greens.

As with all personal blenders, always make sure to add enough liquid. Also, frozen ingredients should be added last to make it easier on the motor.

Cleanup while traveling is a breeze!

Just add some warm water, a drop of dish soap, turn the blender on, and it will clean itself in just a few seconds. All removable parts are also dishwasher safe.


  • Just like with the Oster MyBlend, additional blender bottles are expensive.
  • The motor is somewhat loud.


Overall Opinion: What’s not to love about this blender? The Keyton is one of the most affordable travel blenders available. It comes with a rather strong motor, as well as a durable plastic bottle with a secure lid. It has just about the right size to take it with you on your travels and enjoy your healthy drinks everywhere.

Section 2

The Best Battery-Operated Travel Blenders

1. PopBabies Travel Blender | Best Choice

The PopBabies Blender is a great travel blender. It’s a USB rechargeable blender and comes with a strong 4,000 mAh lithium battery. That’s double the battery capacity of most other battery-powered blenders.

The PopBabies is very lightweight and you can take it with you anywhere you go. A cute mini ice cube tray and a small smoothie recipe booklet are included in the box.

The motor spins the stainless steel blades at a fast 22,000 RPM and does a good job blending even tough ingredients like small amounts of ice and frozen fruits, as well as veggies and nuts.

With the PopBabies blender, you can now blend anywhere!

No matter if you put it in your backpack for a day trip or make a smoothie right in your car, this battery-operated mini blender will serve you right. The 17 oz BPA-free bottle fits in most car cup holders and the lid is secure and doesn’t leak.

You can use it at the office without drawing too much attention since the PopBabies is relatively quiet. Some users compare the sound to an electric pencil sharpener. It’s definitely much quieter than any full-size countertop blender.

This blender starts at the push of a button and automatically stops on its own after 20 seconds of blending. Once fully charged, the battery lasts up to a week if you use the blender twice a day. Unlike most other USB rechargeable blenders, you can even blend while charging your blender.

You can make your shakes and smoothies in your hotel room while traveling, as it’s super easy to clean. Just fill it with water, press the start button and the PopBabies will clean itself.

Now you have no more excuses not to enjoy your healthy smoothies every day.

Watch a full review of the PopBabies Travel Blender:


  • Not suitable for hot drinks.
  • The opening is small, but it comes with a funnel.
  • The font of the recipe booklet is too light and you can barely read it.


Overall Opinion: The PopBabies is one of the best travel blenders, as it’s lightweight and comes with a strong lithium battery and a powerful motor. You won’t need any electricity to operate it and you can take it with you everywhere you go.

2. Kacsoo SPOW S630 | Portable Glass Blender

This beautiful glass blender comes with one of the strongest battery available in portable blenders right now, a 5,200 mAh lithium battery. You can make up to fifteen smoothies on just one charge. This small travel blender is well built and feels premium.

Even though the jar is made of thick and durable borosilicate glass, this blender only weighs 1.65lb. The Kascoo SPOW S630 is small, lightweight and cordless, making it the perfect on the go blender.

With its powerful motor and high speed, this portable smoothie blender makes quick work of everything you put into it. It even does a good job blending tougher ingredients like nuts, but always make sure to not overfill it.

You don’t want to fill more than 2/3 full, otherwise, the blender won’t turn on. Even though it’s more powerful than most other rechargeable blenders, it’s still a mini blender after all!

If you’re a fan of glass blenders, you will love the Kacsoo travel blender.

The glass jar won’t leach any harmful chemicals into your smoothies. If you love bulletproof coffee on the go, look no further! You can blend hot drinks up to a temperature of 194°F with this blender.

The Kacsoo comes in three different colors and with a 2-year warranty.


  • The blades don’t detach from the base unit, making cleaning more difficult than necessary.
  • The borosilicate glass is durable, but plastic might be the wiser choice for traveling.
  • Some users reported cracking of the glass after blending liquids hotter than the recommended 194°F.


Overall Opinion: The Kacsoo Spow S630 makes great smoothies and shakes. The powerful 5,200 mAh battery lasts longer than any other rechargeable travel blender reviewed on this site. It only needs to charge for three hours and you have days of portable blending power. The Kacsoo is usually a bit more expensive than the other USB blenders reviewed here, but you’ll get a cute and powerful little glass blender with a premium feel.

3. Ecpurchase Mini Blender | Budget Pick

The Ecpurchase Mini Blender is very portable and therefore perfect for traveling. The 2,000 mAh lithium battery lasts for at least seven smoothies once fully charged. It comes with a convenient USB charger, and you can make your shakes and smoothies anywhere you travel.

It doesn’t perform like a Vitamix, but for a small battery-powered travel blender it does a great job!

The stainless steel blades spin at a fast 22,000 RPM and pulverize fruits and veggies into delicious smoothies in seconds. It’s even powerful enough to blend small amounts of ice and frozen fruits. The strong blades really crush the ice and the shakes this compact travel blender creates are smooth.

The Ecpurchase comes with a small recipe book so you can try different smoothies right away. As with all USB rechargeable travel blenders, always make sure to add liquids to your blend. Cut your ingredients into smaller chunks and don’t overfill the jar to make it easier on the motor.


  • This blender doesn’t work while charging.
  • The 14 oz jar is rather small.
  • Isn’t strong enough for large amounts of ice or leafy greens.


Overall Opinion: The Ecpurchase Travel Blender is a very convenient and affordable on the go blender. It’s easy to use and clean and comes in two beautiful colors. It’s lightweight and can be charged on your laptop or power bank while traveling.

4. Oberly USB Blender | Cute & Affordable

Just like the Ecpurchase blender, the Oberly USB Rechargeable Blender comes with a 2,000 mAh lithium battery. You can make one smoothie a day for one week with one battery charge. Unfortunately, just like the Ecpurchase, you can’t blend and charge the battery at the same time.

With its small size, this lightweight blender is ideal for camping or traveling. It lets you make fresh smoothies wherever you go. You can drink your drinks directly out of the blender jar.

The 175-watt motor is powerful enough for fruit smoothies with some veggies in it. Like most other rechargeable blenders, it does struggle with leafy greens like spinach and kale, however. So, if you’re a fan of green smoothies, I would choose a more powerful blender like the Ninja Fit for example.

If you’re a fan of simple fruit smoothies, a rechargeable battery-operated blender is the way to go, however. It’s convenient and super easy to use.

This blender comes with convenient one-touch control. You simply press one button and let it do its thing while you’re doing something else.

The Oberly is not only easy to use but also easy to clean.

You just have to add some water and a drop of dish soap, turn it on for a few seconds and this cute little blender cleans itself in just a few seconds.


  • Don’t put large ice cubes in it or it won’t blend at all. Always use the included mini ice cube tray for ice.
  • The blender does a good job blending fruits and small amounts of veggies but struggles with tougher ingredients like leafy greens.


Overall Opinion: The Oberly Blender is one of the better travel blenders. It’s ideal for single-serve smoothies and shakes. The bottle is easy to drink out of and doesn’t leak. You can take it with you in your bag without fear of spilling your smoothies.

Additional Information

Which Travel Blender Is the Best?

It really depends on your preferences and what kind of drinks you want to make. Do you want to add a lot of ice, nuts and leafy greens to your smoothies and shakes? Then you would need a more powerful blender like a Nutri Ninja, Nutribullet, or the Ninja Fit.

Please remember that both the Nutri Ninja and the Nutribullet come with a pretty large motor base. That’s why I didn’t include them on my list of the best travel blenders. I do own a Nutri Ninja and I do travel with it, but when it comes to juicers and blenders, I’m different than most other people. I once took my full-size juicer (yes, these are pretty large machines) with me to travel around the world.

For most people, the Ninja Fit is a good travel blender for green smoothies on the go.

It’s only slightly weaker than the Nutri Ninja but is way smaller in size. It has more than enough power to blend leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and ice cubes into a delicious green smoothie without any chunks.

For people, who only need a travel blender for protein shakes or simple fruit smoothies, things are much easier.

All the battery-powered blenders, and even the Hamilton Beach 51101AV with its 175-watt motor have enough power to get the job done. You really won’t need much blending power to blend a few bananas, apples, strawberries, and milk into a delicious fruit smoothie.

What Is the Quietest Travel Blender?

The Hamilton Beach 5110AV is the quietest travel blender listed here on this site. Also, all rechargeable USB blenders reviewed here are pretty quiet for a blender. The sound of these is comparable to an electric pencil sharpener.

As a rule of thumb, the more powerful a blender is, the louder it is. The less power it has, the quieter it is.

The Ninja Fit is the loudest travel blender listed here. It’s not as loud as a high-speed blender like a Vitamix or a Blendtec, but for the small size, it’s pretty loud!

If you’re a fan of green smoothies, however, there’s no way around a personal blender with at least 700 watts of blending power. Leafy greens are some of the toughest ingredients for any blender. Blenders with less than the strength of a Ninja Fit will do just fine blending a few leaves of spinach here and there but will struggle to create mostly green smoothies with very little fruits in it.

There are some powerful, yet quiet, full-size blenders available. These come with a quiet shield, a pitcher-shaped shield with a handle that you just slide right over the top of the blender. To learn more about it, check out our extensive review of the quietest blenders.

What Is the Best Travel Blender for Smoothies?

The best travel blenders for smoothies are lightweight, small in size and come with powerful motors.

When it comes to traveling, USB rechargeable blenders are probably the best choice. Once fully charged, you can make 1-2 smoothies a day for up to a week on just one battery charge. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have your fully charged travel blender with you, you can create fresh smoothies anywhere.

You can even charge these with portable power banks to further expand the battery life. No matter if you go camping, or travel around the world, you won’t have any excuses not to enjoy your healthy smoothies every day.

Rechargeable blenders are best for simple fruit smoothies on the go.

You can add small amounts of frozen fruits, crushed ice, or even leafy greens, but make sure to not overdo it. These small battery-powered blenders lack the power to create mostly green smoothies with large amounts of ice.

The best travel blenders for green smoothies are those with at least 700 watts of blending power. I like the Nutri Fit because it’s more compact than the Nutri Ninja or the Nutribullet but still comes with a strong motor that gets the job done very well.

Which Is the Best Travel Blender for Ice?

Crushing ice is one of the most challenging tasks for any blender!

The best ice crushing travel blenders are those with a strong motor and an ice crushing blade design. Blenders with a weak motor might quickly burnout.

The blades must be strong and designed to handle the impact of crushing ice. The pitcher has to made of thick, durable plastic or glass that can’t be cracked by the spinning ice.

All rechargeable blenders, as well as personal blenders with less than 700 watts of blending power, don’t make a good travel blender for crushing ice. So, if you’re in need of crushed ice on the go, you have to choose your blender wisely. Most travel blenders simply lack the power to crush ice into a snow-like consistency.

When it comes to personal blenders for crushing ice, nothing beats the Nutri Ninja in my opinion.

It crushes ice without adding liquids. Even more expensive models like a Nutribullet won’t crush ice like a Nutri Ninja can! More expensive models might have a stronger motor, but the blades of the Nutri Ninja are specially designed to crush ice into snow in seconds.

Can I Bring a Travel Blender on a Plane?

No, you can’t bring your blender on a plane, as the sharp blades are a potential weapon. Blenders are only allowed in carry-on bags if the blades have been removed.

I know there are stories on the internet about people getting their blender, including the blades, through the security check, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Chances are you won’t get through and have to leave it at the airport.

If you travel with your blender, please make sure that you leave it out of your carry-on luggage when boarding a plane. You can always carry your travel blender in your checked luggage without any problems. Make sure to securely wrap the blade to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.

How to Clean a Portable Blender?

Portable blenders can easily be cleaned even in the tiniest hotel rooms. All you need is running water and a drop of detergent. Always clean your travel blender right after usage, then it’s just a matter of a few seconds.

  1. Begin with adding some warm water and a drop of detergent to the blender jar. You can also add some lemon or vinegar if you have it on hand.
  2. Fill the jar about halfway.
  3. Then turn the blender on and let it run for up to 30 seconds.
  4. Once done, pour out the hot water.
  5. Quickly rinse off all removable parts under running water and you’re done.

It’ll take less than a minute, it really is that easy!

With some blenders, the blades are detachable, and others won’t detach. Blenders with detachable blades are usually a bit easier to keep clean, as there are less hard to reach areas. However, if you’re always cleaning your blender right after usage, both types of blender will be pretty easy to keep clean.

These are some of the best travel blenders on the market right now. All the blenders listed here are small, portable and lightweight. Some of these blenders are more powerful than others. For green smoothies and crushing ice, you’ll need more blending power than for simple fruit smoothies. I hope you found this review helpful and it has given you a good place to start your own research. 

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  1. hi there do you know how usb rechargeable portable blenders with lithium batteries in them are treated for air travel – check in (blades) or hand carry (lithium batteries)? Thank you!

    • Philipp Brohl

      Hi, thanks for reaching out! Lithium batteries with 100 watt-hours or less may be carried in either carry-on or checked bags. The blenders listed here all have batteries with less than 100 watt-hours.

      Rechargeable Blenders are allowed in carry-on bags as long as the blade has been removed. All types of portable blenders are also allowed in checked luggage, so I would put them in checked luggage. Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to help you out.

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