Is Apple Juice a Diuretic

Is Apple Juice a Diuretic?

It’s no wonder that apples are considered one of the most popular fruits. Not only are they readily available in most areas, but apples are also healthy and delicious. And as anyone will tell you, their sweet juice is also great for a healthy treat any time of year. But there has been some controversy online lately, if apple juice is a diuretic or not, and I’m here to dispel set the record straight.

Is apple juice a diuretic? Yes, apple juice is considered a diuretic. Apple juice can be used to help you cleanse your body by purging unnecessary salts and water from your bladder.

Aside from making you need to pee, apple juice has many more wonderful health benefits that I explore in this article. Be sure to read on so you can learn more about this uniquely delicious, nutritious, and useful beverage.

What is a diuretic?

This is where a lot of misinformation starts floating around. People are just plain confused by this word. Trust me, it doesn’t mean what a lot of people think… and thank goodness for that!

A diuretic is something that helps you to shed excess water and salt from your body. They are also used to help reduce bloating. All of that is fancy medical talk for making you have to pee faster. But diuretics don’t just simply make you rush for the bathroom before the flood comes. Diuretics can help to treat various conditions such as glaucoma and high blood pressure.

Natural diuretics, such as apple juice, can have similar effects that may help prevent such conditions. Apple juice also tends to have a high alkaline content. That high content can help to flush out bad toxins and keep PH levels balanced, which can keep your liver nice and healthy.

Not only can apple juice be used as a natural diuretic, but it also has many other amazing benefits. Such as…

Apple juice is packed full of nutrients

Apple Juice in BottlesApples are full of wonderful and important nutrients that your body needs. Luckily, apple juice retains most of these nutrients after you squeeze every last drop from the apples. These nutrients include various minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, potassium, and calcium.

Apple juice also contains several types of vitamins. Of these vitamins, there are: A, E, B1, B2, B6, and C. Vitamin C is great for helping to keep your skin, hair, and immune system healthy. Vitamin A is good for your eyes.

Apple juice also retains some of the procyanidins, phytochemicals, and flavonols that can be found in whole apples. These special plant chemicals have been linked to help decrease the risk of many problems such as cancer, as well as improve your overall health.

Apple juice can be good for your heart

The most plentiful mineral in apple juice is potassium. Your muscles need potassium to function properly, and most people just don’t get enough of this in their diets. Potassium is also a vasodilator, and this basically means it can help to lower tension in your arteries and blood vessels. Apple juice may also help lower cholesterol formation in your arteries that can cause a heart attack.

Remember how I said diuretics can help flush salt from your body? Yeah, high sodium diets are bad for your heart. Starting to see the connection? I think it’s time to get some apple juice, but there’s still more!

Apple juice has detoxifying properties

Certain fibers and chemicals found in apples are full of fancy antioxidants. Antioxidants can help purge your body of harmful toxins. They can also kick-start your immunity to protect against future sickness.

Apple juice contains some anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen substances, which may lessen the effects of allergies and soothe respiratory functions. Apple juice sounds perfect for the spring time when all of nature decides to assassinate your senses with clouds of horrible pollen.

Apples are truly magical fruits! They can be a benefit to almost any diet. They fill you up with their tasty flesh and juicy goodness. Okay, so maybe they aren’t actually magic. But they sure are fantastic enough to seem like it, being all good for you and stuff.

What other fruit juices are natural diuretics?

We now know that apples are a great diuretic, but what about other fruit juices? Turns out that there are other natural diuretic fruit juices as well. You have a few options!

  • Lemon juice. lemonade anyone?
  • Cranberry juice. Delectably tart!
  • Pineapple juice. A wonderful taste of summer.
  • Orange juice. Naturally sweet and refreshing.

While all of these fruit juices are deliciously unique all on their own, why not try combining some of these juices with each other for a delightfully unique and healthy mixture? You’ll get a killer diuretic to help keep your body healthy, plus a tasty way to cool off and add antioxidants to your day.

Is freshly squeezed apple juice better than store-bought?

Apple Juice in GlassIt is much easier to just trot down to a grocery store and grab a bottle or box of pre-squeezed apple juice, no doubt about that. But whether you’re going off of taste, nutritional value, or both, store-bought apple juice just can never compare to the wonderful taste and feeling of freshly squeezed apple juice.

Store bought apple juice tends to have lots of added sugars, which isn’t that great for you. Even the unsweetened kinds just cannot compare to making your own. They just can’t give you that same feeling of “ahh…” refreshing.

The fresher you can get your apple juice the better because not only will it taste wonderful, it will retain more of those great nutrients that your body needs. Homemade apple juice is the best option of all. Once made, it’s as fresh as it could be. So, why not smash some apples for health! To find the best juicer for apples, check our beginner’s guide to juicers out.

If you’re new to juicing apples, don’t be intimidated. Juicing apples is easier than it seems, and can even feel rewarding to put in the extra effort. For the most benefits, try juicing your apples with the skin on and not straining out too much of the pulp. The skin contains a lot of the beneficial nutrients, and the more pulp in your juice means more fiber to help your bowels perform nicely.

Related Questions

Does apple juice have a lot of sugar? The natural sugar that’s found in apples does get transferred over to apple juice. While it’s not typically a whole lot, you should still be aware that apples are a very sweet fruit, and you may have to adjust your diet accordingly if needed. Store bought apple juices can sometimes have added sugars, so homemade apple juice is best if you want the lower sugar option.

Apple juice is a fantastic drink with many benefits. From use as a natural diuretic, helping to lower cholesterol, or simply being delicious and packed full of nutrients. The best and most flavorful apple juice is freshly-squeezed. While you enjoy a cool sip of delightful apple juice, you can take comfort in knowing it may help you to stay healthy. Whether drinking apple juice by itself or drinking it with other juices, it can help you be well on your way to living a vibrant, happy, and healthy life!

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