About Me

PhilippHi, my name is Philipp Brohl and I want to change your health for the better without offering you any miracle products that will “solve” all of your problems. Instead, my aim is to teach you about living healthy and influence you to pick up a few habits that will have a tremendous effect on your life. This is exactly the reason why I founded VibrantHappyHealthy.com.

Seven years ago, if someone were to tell me that I would be running a health website, I would’ve thought they were crazy. While I was still in my early twenties, I just wasn’t concerned with what I was eating. It was normal for me to grab a few slices of pizza for dinner and grab a few beers with my friends almost every other day. Before becoming aware of the mistakes that I was making, I became overweight. On top of that, my energy levels dropped and I could barely go a month without getting sick.

Despite constantly feeling bad, I refused to do anything regarding my unhealthy habits for almost two years! Honestly, it just seemed like it was too much work to go on a diet and be careful about how many calories I consume in a day. Although I was ignoring my problems for a long time, there was always a voice in my head that kept telling me that I needed to do something about my weight and overall health.

I kept searching for an easy way to lose weight, but it seemed impossible. I spent months trying to determine what type of diet I should go on but ultimately gave up. The only good that came out of this whole situation is that I never stopped reading about diets. I would spend at least a few hours every day reading about the nutritional benefits of different foods. I was convinced that this knowledge would help me turn my life around. And ultimately, it did.

It took me some time to realize going on a diet was simply too big of a step for me. I needed to do something easier in order to even think about changing my eating habits. So, I bought a juicer and started making one glass of juice every day. I was still eating a ton of junk food every day, but I made sure to drink that one glass of juice every single day.

Around this time, I still had no intention of going on a diet, but that changed quickly. Due to the fact that I started consuming more fruits and vegetables through juicing, my energy levels increased. I also stopped getting sick so frequently. I was amazed at what happened only because I started drinking a glass of juice per day. This is what gave me the motivation to finally improve my eating habits. If just one small change made me feel better, I was convinced that a diet would have an enormously positive effect on my life.

Nowadays, I don’t even crave junk food. Once I experienced that positive change in my life, nothing could convince me to go back to my old eating habits. I just don’t want to be that person who is constantly tired or sick ever again. My life changed a lot over the last several years, and now I want to make sure yours does too! This is why I’m dedicated to providing you with reliable information regarding juices, smoothies, blenders, and juicers. My aim is to help as many people as possible, so feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions or are looking for advice.