Are Ninja Blenders Good for Smoothie Bowls

Can Ninja Blenders Make Smoothie Bowls?

I love smoothie bowls! I used to only make smoothie bowls in my Vitamix, but since I also own Ninja blenders, I’ve wondered, can ninja blenders make smoothie bowls? Are Ninja blenders good for smoothie bowls?

I decided to test it out, and here’s what I learned:

Most Ninja blenders can make smoothie bowls. There are even some Ninja blenders that are specially designed for creating perfectly thick smoothie bowls without the need to shake or stir.

But that was just the short answer. 

In this article, I’ll reveal the latest Ninja blenders that are designed to make perfect spoon-thick smoothie bowls with the push of one button.

Also, I’m going to show you how you can easily make smoothie bowls in your Ninja blender.

Let’s dive deep into the world of smoothie bowls!

Can I use any Ninja blender for smoothie bowls?

Smoothie Bowls Made with Ninja Blender

Yes, you can use almost any Ninja blender for smoothie bowls. Although, some models are better suited than others.

The best Ninja blenders for smoothie bowls are the high-powered ones with at least 1,000-watt motors. 

Smoothie bowls usually contain plenty of frozen fruits and very little liquids, if any at all, to reach that thick consistency. 

Blending frozen ingredients without any added liquids is a challenging task for almost any blender.

Luckily, Ninja blenders come with strong motors and have well-thought-out blade designs. They’re suited for most blending jobs, including smoothie bowls. 

If you’ve got an older model, the results may not be as perfect as they would be in a newer model, but it should work out just fine. 

Also, if you’re using an older model, you’ll probably have to stop blending to scrape the sides, so that all ingredients get blended thoroughly.

With the new Ninja blenders that are designed for smoothie bowls, you’ll never have to stop while blending. You’ll just press one button and you can walk away.

While it’s true that some models are more suited for smoothie bowls than others, it’s probably not worth it to upgrade your old Ninja blender just to get slightly better results.

If you haven’t got a Ninja blender yet, and you’re not sure which model you should choose for, hold on. I’m going to show you the best models.

The best Ninja blenders for smoothie bowls

One of the key characteristics of a smoothie bowl is its thick texture.

Getting the right consistency is super important. Unblended chunks can ruin your smoothie bowl experience in an instant.

Most standard blenders simply lack the power to blend frozen fruits thoroughly without any added liquids, but you won’t have that issue with a Ninja blender.  

Even though they’re affordable, they feature powerful motors!

What I love about Ninja is that they always come out with new innovations. It’s hard to keep up with the progress because it seems like there’s always a newer and better model.

Ninja just came out with two amazing blenders that are designed for heavy loads without stalling or the need to shake or stir. They’re specially designed with smoothie bowls in mind.

The Ninja Foodi with Smoothie Bowl Maker

This Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo is a 1200-watt smoothie bowl maker that powers through even the toughest ingredients for perfect smoothie bowls every time. You can check it out here

It has a built-in system (smartTORQUE™) that can handle heavy loads of frozen fruits without the need to stir or shake the container while making smoothie bowls. Watch this video to see how you can make smoothie bowls in the Ninja Nutri Duo:

The 14-oz smoothie bowl container not only makes perfectly thick smoothie bowls, but it can also create delicious ice cream and nut butter.

The container has a built-in tamper that automatically pushes ingredients toward the blades for you. It’s a feature I’ve never seen in any other blender and I love it!

When you’re making smoothie bowls with this Ninja, there’s absolutely no guesswork involved. This machine comes with 4 Auto-iQ programs, which is just another name for presets. 

You just add the ingredients to the cup, press the smoothie bowl button, and the blender will do all the work for you. The built-in timer shows you when your smoothie bowl will be ready. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

You’ll also get a 24-oz cup that can make perfect smoothies and frozen drinks. So you’re not limited to only smoothie bowls, nut butter, or ice creams. This blender will do any blending job you assign to it.

The Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System 4-in-1

If you want a full-size countertop blender for smoothie bowls, check the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System out

It’s Ninja’s latest and most powerful blender that blends, food processes, crushes, makes dough and perfect smoothie bowls.

It comes with a 1,400-watt motor with smartTORQUE that powers through heavy loads easily. 

This blender is perfect for smoothie bowls as it comes with a smoothie bowl maker with built-in tamper. You’ll get 6 Auto-iQ presets for one-touch smoothies, spreads, chopping, dough, juice extraction, or smoothie bowls.

For more blenders, check out the best blenders for smoothie bowls.

Which is better for smoothie bowls, a Ninja blender, or a Vitamix?

Ninja blenders are great for smoothie bowls, but how does it compare to Vitamix blenders? Can Ninja blenders really make smoothie bowls like a professional, high-performance blender can?

And is this even a fair comparison to make? A Vitamix can easily cost you $500 or more, while a Ninja will cost you only a fraction of that. 

I’ve made smoothie bowls in my Nutri Ninja (the popular Ninja personal blender without speed control and presets), my Vitamix 5200, as well as my Ninja Professional countertop blender.

The creamiest, most consistent results came from the Vitamix, but the difference isn’t huge. If you’re only making smoothies and smoothie bowls with your blender, save your money and get a Ninja blender.

Even the smaller Nutri Ninja did create decent results, although the Ninja Professional is better suited for the job because you can control the speed and it comes with a pulse function. Also, the Ninja Professional has a more powerful motor.

I had the chance to test the latest Ninja blenders that were designed for smoothie bowls, and they’re so much more convenient to use just because of the built-in tamper. Also, the smoothie bowls are slightly smoother than the ones with my “old” Ninja blenders.

I usually only have 1-2 smoothie bowls a month, and I already own several blenders, so for me, it’s not worth getting another one. However, if I would have more space in my kitchen (and more money in my bank account), I would love to own one!

How to make smoothie bowls in a Ninja blender

Smoothie Bowl with Chia Seeds

Making smoothie bowls in your Ninja blender isn’t rocket science. 

In just five simple steps, you can make delicious smoothie bowls at home that taste just like the ones you’ll get in juice bars.

1. Get a recipe on the internet or create your own recipe

There are thousands of delicious smoothie bowl recipes on the internet. My favorites are these ones:

If you want to create your own recipes, it’s pretty easy as well. Just make sure to use plenty of frozen fruits, like in these frozen fruits smoothie recipes, and add very little liquid. A few tablespoons of liquid will often do it. Don’t forget your toppings and start blending!

Now that you’ve chosen a delicious recipe, it’s time to get serious. Here’s how to make delicious smoothie bowls without endless scraping:

2. Add the frozen fruits to your Ninja blender and blend on low

Add the frozen fruits first and start on the lowest setting. If your Ninja doesn’t have speed control, simply pulse a few times. The goal is to chop the frozen fruits into smaller bits. It’ll make blending later easier for your Ninja. Just a few seconds on the lowest setting or pulsing will do the job.

3. Add the liquid and blend again

Add whatever liquids you have chosen for your smoothie bowl and blend on low until it turns into a smoother texture. Depending on which Ninja blender you’re using, you might need to turn your blender off and scrape down the sides a few times. After 20-30 seconds turn the speed to medium until it becomes even smoother. 

4. Add all the other ingredients

If your smoothie bowl contains protein powder, nut butter, or anything else, now it’s the time to add those. Start on the medium setting and blend for a few seconds then slowly turn to the highest setting until your smoothie bowl is perfectly smooth and creamy. If ingredients get stuck on the sides of the jar, stop your Ninja and scrape the sides again.

5. Add the toppings and enjoy your delicious smoothie bowl!

Once the smoothie bowl is perfectly smooth and creamy, add the mixture into a bowl, and place any toppings that you like on top. Enjoy your smoothie bowl!

Did I cover everything you wanted to know about Ninja blenders and smoothie bowls?

Ninja blenders are powerful blenders, and almost any Ninja (unless you’ve got a really old one) should make perfect smoothie bowls.

While commercial blenders like Vitamix can create even smoother results, it’s really not worth it to upgrade your Ninja blender. For the price of one Vitamix, you could get several Ninja blenders. 

If you have any questions about (Ninja) blenders, juicers, smoothies, or smoothie bowls, make sure to contact me through the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you, stay vibrant, happy & healthy!

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