Do Vitamix Blenders Have Glass Containers

Do Vitamix Blenders Have Glass Containers?

I love Vitamix blenders! I have owned a Vitamix 5200 with a plastic jar for years and I asked myself recently: “do Vitamix blenders have glass containers”? Are there any Vitamix models with a glass jar?

I would sure love to have one, so I decided to do some research. Here’s what I found out:

No, Vitamix blenders don’t have glass containers. Using glass jars would be a safety risk. Vitamix blenders are high-performance blenders and the high speed could shatter the glass while blending. 

I have owned my Vitamix blender for a long time and I wouldn’t want to miss it. I use it daily and it is still going strong.

It was an expensive gift I made for myself and it paid for itself many times over. The best investment you can make is in your health!

Even though there aren’t any Vitamix models with glass jars, that shouldn’t discourage you. There are pros and cons to glass jars and I’m going through them in this article.

Also, Vitamix just came out with a new container. It’s not a glass container, and it isn’t plastic either. Do you wonder what it’s made out of? I’m going to introduce you to it in a minute. It’s a real game-changer.

I’ll also show you some of the best blenders with a glass jar, just in case you want one, so stay with me. 

Why Vitamix blenders won’t need glass containers

Vitamix Blender Container

Vitamix blender jars are very durable because of the material Vitamix chooses. 

Vitamix uses only the best, thick, durable, BPA-free plastic for its containers. They’re not like some of the thin plastic jars cheaper blenders come with. 

Vitamix blenders are used by restaurants and juice bars all over the world, their jars have to be durable and they are!

Because they use BPA-free plastic, the jar also won’t leach nasty chemicals into your blend. And you can easily blend hot liquids with the Vitamix plastic jar.

In fact, Vitamix blenders are so powerful that you can heat up cold ingredients to piping hot in minutes.

You’ve heard that right!

You can add veggies to your Vitamix, turn it on high-speed, and your blender makes perfectly hot and healthy homemade vegetable soup for you.

You can walk away while it does that for you. It does that all just with the friction of the blades. It is that powerful. There aren’t many blenders that can do that. 

Although I’ve used my Vitamix for years and usually toss the container in the dishwasher after usage, the jar still looks quite good. It does not look new, but compared to other cheaper blenders I’ve used, it’s pretty close.

Can you use a mason jar with a Vitamix? 

Smoothies in Mason Jars

Now, if there aren’t any Vitamix blenders that come with a glass jar, can you at least use mason jars with a Vitamix?

While I personally wouldn’t even want to blend in a mason jar, I got this question asked many times over the years. The reason for it are probably some Reddit posts that focus on that exact topic.

It’s true that mason jars will fit on some blender screw bases. And some blenders will actually blend when you screw a mason jar on top. However, I wouldn’t ever recommend trying it just because of safety reasons.

But let’s get back to our question, can you use a mason jar with a Vitamix?

No, you can’t use a mason jar with a Vitamix even if you wanted to. The blade is inside the Vitamix container. So, it’s not possible to use mason jars with your Vitamix.

What’s this new Vitamix container that isn’t glass or plastic?

Vitamix Stainless Steel ContainerVitamix just introduced their latest-generation blending container. It’s amazing!

It’s not made out of glass, and it isn’t made out of plastic either. It’s much better than both!

The new Vitamix container is made out of steel, stainless steel to be exact. It combines all the best out of the two worlds.

It’s even more durable than a plastic jar. Did you ever break anything that’s made out of stainless steel? I sure didn’t!

Did I ever break a plastic jar? Well, it wasn’t easy, but I somehow managed to do it.

I once left a spoon inside my Vitamix and I didn’t notice it. I put it on high speed and it cracked the jar and the spoon came flying out of the blender. I was lucky it didn’t hit my head.

Glass jars are even easier to break, so stainless steel wins here.

What I love about glass jars is that they resist odor and stain. Guess what? Stainless steel is odor and stain-resistant as well. Another point for the new steel container.

One benefit of glass jars is that you can easily blend hot liquids. With the stainless steel container, you can blend hot liquids as well. Just make sure to use oven mitts for hot blends. 

Everybody who uses stainless steel kitchen tools (and we probably all do) knows how easy they’re to clean. The new Vitamix container is no exception.

You can clean it with a drop of dish soap and warm water in seconds or let your Vitamix blender clean it for you.

So, there really aren’t any downsides to this new stainless steel container, except one.. the price. This thing is expensive!

Now we all know Vitamix blenders can get expensive and the accessories can get even more expensive. You’ll find this container usually selling at a price that could buy you a decent blender from another brand. 

Is it worth it? I let you be the judge. You can check the price here for the Vitamix stainless steel container.

Which is better, a Vitamix or a blender with a glass jar?

In the good old day, all blenders used to be made out of glass. How times have changed! Most modern blenders today come with plastic jars.

There are still some glass blenders on the market, but not that many. I’ll show you some good ones a little down below. 

First, let’s answer the question if Vitamix blenders are better than glass blenders? It’s an easy question to answer. There just aren’t that many blenders that are better than a Vitamix!

While there are some cheaper blenders that can be an alternative to a Vitamix, but they don’t quite have the power a Vitamix has.

Blendtec blenders come close, but they usually cost the same as a Vitamix.

Blenders with a glass jar don’t have the power a Vitamix has either. Simply for safety reasons.

The manufacturers mostly use plastic jars, because they won’t break as easily. All high-speed blenders use plastic jars because glass can’t stand high speeds. It’s as easy as that.

If you still want a glass blender, there are some options. There’s the Oster 1200 that comes with a 1200-watt motor. It’s probably the best blender with a glass jar. Good performance and the glass jar is thick and durable. 

Then there’s the Hamilton Beach Power blender. A classic blender with a glass jar that won’t break the bank. It creates smooth fruit smoothies and works well for most blending jobs.

Other blenders you could look at are the Oster Precise Blend or the Oster Beehive Blender. Oster is usually a good choice when it comes to glass blenders.

The pros and cons of glass blenders

I have to admit, there are some pros to glass blenders. Certain plastics aren’t safe for food contact. You’ll never have that issue with a glass container.

Glass jars are also easier to keep clean. The glass surface won’t absorb food smells and germs. You can easily wash it at very high temperatures. You can also blend hot liquids like coffee without any issues.

The downside to glass jars is that they’re heavy. They’re just not as easy to move around as plastic jars.

Also, as already discussed, glass obviously is easier to break than plastic. There’s a reason why Vitamix blenders don’t come with glass containers after all.

I’ve used both glass blenders and blenders with plastic jars. I lean heavily towards plastic jar blenders. Modern blenders come with BPA-free plastic jars, so they’re safe to use. 

The only thing that’s better than a plastic jar is a stainless steel jar. Vitamix made a huge step in the right direction by introducing it. Hopefully, more manufactures will follow suit in the future.   


There aren’t any Vitamix blenders that come with glass containers, but Vitamix blender jars are made out of very durable plastic. They’re used by restaurants all over the world and are built to last. If you’re serious about blending, the new Vitamix stainless steel container is worth looking at. It’s what the future of blending will look like and it’s better than either glass or plastic. 

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