The 8 Best Omega Juicers in 2020 – Omega Juicer Reviews & Comparison

If you take a look at how many juice bars have opened up in the last several years, it is evident that juicing is one of the latest health crazes. But there is no need to frequent juice bars when you can make a tastier and healthier drink at home. Take a look at the following Omega juicer reviews to determine the perfect machine for you. Although some models are objectively better than others, you should decide what the best Omega juicer would be for you based on your needs and preferences.

The Benefits of Juicing

Juice from Omega JuicerOne of the main health benefits of juicing is that it helps you provide your body with more nutrients. It’s worth noting that a lot of people don’t consume as much fresh produce as they should. Thankfully, you can use a variety of fruits and vegetables to make juice. Even if you don’t like certain healthy foods, you can still juice them for their nutrients and mask the taste with other ingredients. By consuming more fresh produce on a regular basis, both your physical and mental health will improve. It’s worth noting that your body is able to absorb the vitamins and minerals from juice at a faster rate because it is deprived of most of its fiber.

Apart from reducing the risk of serious health problems, juicing will also have a positive impact on your mood, energy levels, focus, and memory. Instead of grabbing a donut and a cup of coffee on your way to work in the morning, it’s a much better idea to start your day with a glass of healthy homemade juice. The great thing about juicing is that you can use several different fruits and veggies to make one drink.

The Differences between Masticating and Centrifugal Juicers

There are two main types of juicers available today. Nearly all of the models mentioned in this article are masticating, otherwise known as slow, juicers. After all, they are generally the better option since they minimize oxidation and retain most of the nutrients from your ingredients. However, they are also more expensive and bulky than centrifugal juicers. To ensure you make the right decision when picking out a juicer for your home, it’s essential you’re aware of the differences between these two types of juicers.

The main difference is how the work. Namely, masticating juicers has an auger that spins slowly (usually at 80 rotations per minute) and squeezes juice from fruits and vegetable. During the juicing process, the pulp comes out of one chute and the juice gets pushed out another. On the other hand, centrifugal juicers have a high-speed spinning blade that cuts up your ingredients into incredibly small pieces. These pieces then get thrown against a strainer that catches the pulp and allows the juice to pass through. There is no doubt that masticating juicers can provide you with a healthier drink since there is very little heat buildup and oxidation.

However, centrifugal juicers take the upper hand when it comes to prep time. They can easily handle large chunks of food, unlike masticating juicers for which you will usually have to chop your ingredients into very small pieces. If you try putting large pieces into a masticating juicer, it will most likely get clogged. This is why centrifugal juicers are usually recommended to people who are new to juicing.

Some of the better Omega masticating juicers are multi-purpose machines. In other words, they can be used for more than juicing. For instance, you can use them to make pasta, baby food, nut butter, ice cream, sorbets. On top of that, they can be used as food processors. Due to the high speeds at which they operate, centrifugal juicers don’t have this option. It’s worth mentioning that centrifugal juicers create much more food waste than masticating juicers because they are not able to break down food well. After all, they simply don’t utilize the squeezing action of slow juicers.

The Differences between Horizontal and Vertical Masticating Juicers

In case you decide to get a masticating juicer, you will have the option to choose between horizontal and vertical models. In case you plan on juicing a lot of leafy greens like spinach, kale, and wheatgrass, it’s recommended you get a horizontal juicer. On the other hand, vertical juicers are better suited if you’re going to juice a lot of fruits. Another difference between these two types of juicers is that vertical models usually have a larger feed chute. This means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time chopping the ingredients into smaller pieces. Vertical juicers are also easier to clean due to their design.

Meanwhile, Omega horizontal masticating juicers usually come with extra components that can be used for grinding coffee, making nut butter, mincing meat, and even making pasta noodles.

The 8 Best Omega Juicers

Omega represents one of the most reliable juicer brands today. For some of its best products, the company offers an industry-leading 15-year warranty, which showcases just how confident they are in their juicers. They are best known for their masticating juicers, which do an excellent job of maximizing the amount of juice that gets extracted from fruits and vegetables. In case you want to increase the amount of fresh produce you consume on a daily basis, an Omega juicer will be of great assistance to you.

1. Omega NC800HDS | Best Choice

When it comes to Omega juicers, there is no better option than the NC800HDS. It is a slow, high-powered juicer that will help you get the most out of your fresh fruits and veggies and represents the best quality product for the price. Since the motor turns at just 80 revolutions per minute (RPMs), you won’t have to worry about oxidation and heat buildup. It’s worth noting that slow juicers are always the best option if you want to ensure your juices have a high nutrient content. Apart from being healthier, your juices will also taste better if you use the Omega NC800HDS. They work by squeezing out the juice from fruits and vegetables, unlike centrifugal juicers that churn up your fresh produce.

In case you’re looking to make juices from soft fruits like lemons, grapefruits, and oranges, then you should probably consider getting a cheaper juicer. The great thing about the Omega NC800HDS is that it can process thick, leafy greens like wheatgrass and spinach with great efficiency. This means that you’ll really get to have fun and experiment with different ingredients when making juices. No matter what ingredients you use, this juicer will be capable to extract every drop of juice from them. In fact, it is capable of yielding up to 25% more juice from leafy greens than previous generation Omega juicers.

One of the main reasons why it the Omega NC800HDS can yield more juice is because it has an adjustable end cap. This is an amazing feature that is usually found on twin gear juicers. The adjustable end cap allows you to select how much backpressure will be put on the food. It comes with 5 different settings that you can adjust depending on the ingredients you’re juicing. You should set the adjustable end cap to 1 for the softest produce, while the highest setting should be used for the direst and hardest ingredients. For instance, make sure you set it to 5 when you’re juicing leafy greens to maximize juice yield.

The dry pulp that’s left after the juicing process will automatically be ejected. This means that you won’t have to worry about having to clean any sticky mess. Keep in mind that you may have to press the reverse button a few times when you add hard fruits and vegetables in order to avoid clogs. The great thing about the Omega NC800HDS is that it can serve as more than a juicer. You can use to make anything from natural milk to baby food. It’s also possible to use this juicer to make butter from different kinds of nuts. Not a lot of juicers have this option, so this is definitely a big advantage. It’s worth noting that you’ll probably need to add some oils in order to make butter.

Know that even when you put nuts into the juicer, the noise it produces will be low. This is a typical feature of slow juicers, because they have fewer moving parts than conventional juicers. Since the noise levels won’t be high, you’ll be able to make juices both early in the morning or late at night without having to worry about whether you’ll disturb the household or your neighbors. In the event that something happens with your juices, you won’t have to worry since Omega will warranty the device for 15 years for any parts defected or manufacturer errors. This company has an excellent reputation when it comes to their technicians and customer service, which means that your juicer will be in good hands in case it needs fixing. The design of the Omega NC800HDS makes it easy to break it down into its four parts and clean it quickly. The parts that make up this juicer include the auger, screen, feed chute, and collection bins. Although it’s safe to clean these parts in a dishwasher, it’s recommended you do it by hand with a soft sponge.

The feed chute on the Omega NC800HDS was made to be 80% larger compared to older Omega juicers as well as the majority of horizontal slow juicers on the market today. Thanks to this impressive feature, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your prep time since you won’t have to cut your ingredients into tiny pieces. This juicer comes in two colors – silver in red. Nevertheless, you can get the same juicer with a stylish chrome finish if you get the Omega NC900HDC.


  • It is easy to break it down into parts and wash them
  • Omega offers a 15-year warranty for this product
  • The Omega NC800HDS features a larger feed chute than most vertical juicers
  • It’s efficient when it comes to juicing leafy greens
  • The noise levels are really low


  • It will take you some time to learn how to use this machine properly
  • It takes up a lot of space
  • The Omega NC800HDS is not cheap


Overall Opinion: This is by far the best choice when it comes to Omega juicers. Although it is not cheap, this product consists of high-quality components that will extract as much juice as possible from the ingredients you place inside it. Since it’s a slow juicer, oxidation will be minimal. In other words, every glass of juice you make will be loaded with nutrients. Apart from being a juicer, you can also use this machine to make everything from nut butter to baby food.

2. Omega J8006 | Legendary Juice

If you truly care about the taste and nutritional value of your fresh fruit and vegetable drinks, then you’ll be very pleased with the Omega J8006. It was introduced to the market back in 2008, and is considered to be one the most reliable slow juicers. The Omega J8006 has a 2-horsepower motor that rotates the single auger at 80 RPM, which will ensure the juice has high nutritional value. One of the things that you immediately notice about this appliance is that its feed chute is smaller than you would expect for a juicer of this size. The fact that it is small means that you will likely need to cut up your fruits and vegetables into small pieces to prepare a drink.

Since this is a slow juicer, it will usually take you between 15 and 20 minutes to make a drink. Nevertheless, the wait will be worth it when you grab a glass of delicious and nutritious juice. This is a very quiet appliance, which means that you’ll be able to use it at any time during the day without disturbing anyone. One of the things that seem to bother a lot of people is the fact that you need to clean the Omega J8006 right after the juicing process. If you don’t o this, it will become very difficult to clean the auger because remnants of fruits and veggies may stick to it. As long as you clean it immediately after using it, it will only take you a few minutes to wash it.

While this is definitely a powerful appliance, it probably shouldn’t be your first choice in case you are new to juicing. Keep in mind that although it’s a good investment, the Omega J8006 is not cheap. You can find a lot of cheaper options that are perfect for beginners or people who don’t take juicing very seriously. On the other hand, if you care about juice quality and its nutritional value, this is the perfect machine for you. You’ll be able to combine a lot of different ingredients to make the drinks you want since the Omega J8006 can handle anything you put in the feed chute without producing foam in the juice. In fact, it is considered to be much more than a juicer because you can also use it to make ground coffee, baby food, nut butters, minced herbs, and more.

The Omega J8006 has a 15-year warranty for all its parts, which shows you just how confident the company is in their product. Despite the fact that this machine has been on the market for more than 10 years, it is still considered to be one of the best slow juicers you can buy.


  • It’s able to juice anything from leafy vegetables to soft fruits with great efficiency
  • Built from very strong materials
  • The Omega J8006 is a multi-purpose machine
  • It is very durable


  • It has a small feed chute that requires you to chop your ingredients into very small pieces before adding them
  • Requires immediate cleanup


Overall Opinion: The Omega J8006 has been on the market for a very long time, and it is still considered to be one of the best juicers you can buy. It is built from strong materials and is very durable. Even though it is expensive, this multi-purpose machine is a great investment. One of the only downsides to this juicer is that it has a small feed chute, which means you’ll need to chop your ingredients into small pieces before juicing them. It will probably take you around half an hour to prepare juice and wash the machine. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to store the juice in your refrigerator for up to 72 hours.

3. Omega VSJ843QS | 43 Rotations Per Minute

In case you want a new juicer that you’ll be able to use for a long time, consider investing in the Omega VSJ843QS. It is a relatively new product with very impressive recently developed parts. This juicer features a redesigned dual-blade auger that is able to extract more juice from the ingredients you use. Thanks to the dual-blade auger, this juicer is able to cut even through frozen fruits. On top of that, it also has a new motor that spins at 43 rotations for minute, which is almost half the speed than the previous two models. This is significant because a slow motor prevents oxidization and ensures your drink is packed with nutrients.

Note that when you make a drink using a slow juicer, you’re able to store it in your refrigerator for up to 72 hours. Even though it will take you some time to prepare a drink, the good news is that you can make it in large quantities and store it for a few days. The Omega VSJ843QS can juice various fruits and vegetables. However, you can’t simply put anything you want in the feed chute. For instance, if you want to juice leafy greens like kale and spinach, you should combine them with foods with high water content like cucumbers to help extract the juice.

One of the main advantages of this machine is that it’s incredibly easy to use. Most other Omega juicers require all components to be lined up in order for them to work. Nevertheless, when it comes to the VSJ843QS model, you simply set the parts right onto the juicing machine. The feed chute is designed so that you can place huge pieces of fruits and veggies inside of it. It’s worth noting that fibrous foods will have to be chopped into smaller pieces in order to get pushed through the juicer. In the event that any ingredients get stuck inside the machine, simply press the reverse button to back up the contents.

A lot of Omega juicers are very easy to clean. Thanks to the redesigned components of the VSJ843QS, this task is even easier when it comes to this specific model. The strainer, bowl, and auger were designed in a way to produce less pulp residue. On top of that, it also features an auto-cleaning system. All that you have to do is pour some water into the juicer and turn the auto-cleaning mode on. Keep in mind that the Omega VSJ843QS isn’t as versatile as the aforementioned models. In other words, it should only be used for juicing and not making nut butter, baby food, or something else. This appliance also comes with an outstanding 15-year warranty.


  • The auger spins at an extra slow speed of 43 rotations per minute, thus allowing increased nutrient retention and minimal oxidation
  • It is one of the best juicers for soft produce
  • It has an auto-cleaning system
  • The Omega VSJ843Q features an extremely silent motor


  • It is a bulky juicer
  • Not recommended if you plan on juicing wheatgrass frequently
  • It can be used only for juicing


Overall Opinion: While the other slow juicers on this list have a motor that spins the auger at 80 rotations per minute, the Omega VSJ843Q has an incredibly slow speed of 43 RPM. If you care about how nutritious your juices are, then you should definitely consider getting this machine. It has a very silent motor and features an auto-cleaning system that will make the cleanup process easier. Unlike some Omega juicers, this isn’t a multi-purpose machine. In other words, you can use it only for juicing. Another downside to this appliance is that it takes up a lot of space.

4. Omega VRT350 | Compact Vertical Juicer

This is a very compact 7-inch-wide vertical juicer that won’t take up a lot of your kitchen space. Aside from being a relatively small appliance, it is also lightweight, which means that it will be easy for you to move it around. The Omega VRT350 has a 150-watt motor that rotates the auger at 80 rotations per minute. Thanks to the fact that it operates at such a low speed and the fact that it squeezes juice instead of grinding the ingredients, the various nutrients, enzymes, and fibers in will be preserved.

The vertical design of this appliance allows you to easily drop the ingredients into the feed chute and let gravity help it squeeze the juice. Although the unique design is without a doubt impressive, it does have a few flaws. For instance, the narrow opening of the pulp ejection port can make it difficult for you to clean it. On top of that, you will have to spend some time chopping most ingredients to ensure the juicer doesn’t get clogged. It’s worth noting that the Omega VRT350 requires some patience.

To make sure the juicing process goes smoothly, you will need to cut your fruits and veggies into small pieces and drop them into the feed chute a little at a time. Ideally, you should wait for the machine to squeeze the juice out of one ingredient before adding the next. The Omega VRT350 works by crushing the produce and then pressing the pulp against the juicing restrainer. It’s worth noting that this machine makes a pulpy juice. In case you don’t like this, you can pour your drink through a strainer.

You get a good 10-year warranty for this product. Even though you should use this appliance just to make juices, you can also make things like peanut butter with it. In the event that the VRT350 gets broken while you were making sorbets or nut butters, Omega will still honor the warranty.


  • The juicer features a very compact design
  • It’s easy to assemble the parts and wash them
  • It is cheaper than a lot of Omega juicers
  • Dual-stage juicing
  • Low noise levels


  • You may experience frequent blockages and jams until you learn how to use the juicer properly
  • Doesn’t perform too well with fibrous produce
  • It is not as powerful as most other slow juicers


Overall Opinion: Considering that it’s a vertical juicer, it doesn’t take up a lot of pace. The Omega VRT350 is also a much affordable option. Even though you can easily drop the ingredients into the feed chute, you will need to set aside some time to chop the fruits and vegetables into small pieces. If you don’t do this, then you may experience frequent food blockages. It’s worth noting that this machine makes a pulpy juice. In case this is not your preference, use the included strainer. While this appliance performs well, it isn’t as powerful as the majority of slow juicers.

5. Omega VRT400HDS | Impressive 15 Year Warranty

This is a more expensive model than the VRT350, but it has a lot of features that justify the price. Its compact size is definitely one of the advantages of this appliance. One of the more notable features of the Omega VRT400HDS is that it has a cap on the juice spout, which plays a vital role in mixing the juice before you pour it into your glass. By keeping the cap closed, the wiping blades will help mix the juice in the juicing bowl. Another thing you can do is close the cap after pouring in a cup of water and let the juicer run for a few minutes to make the cleaning process easier.

As long as you follow the included instructions, it will be very easy for you to assemble this juicer. Keep in mind that it won’t function unless you put the parts together properly. Don’t get fooled by the feed chute’s relatively large size, as you’ll need to chop your ingredients into small pieces to ensure the machine doesn’t get clogged or jammed. It’s worth mentioning that the juice extractor is self-feeding. What this means is that you’ll only need to use the pusher in case something gets stuck.

When you start juicing, you simply place the two included containers next to the VRT400HDS and begin adding the ingredients. One of these containers should be located right beneath the chute, where it will collect the pulp and excess ingredients. Meanwhile, the other container needs to be beneath the tap. Keep in mind that there is likely to be some pulp in your juice. If you want to get rid of it, you can simply use the included strainer.

Back when the Omega VRT400HDS was released, it had a 10-year warranty. Nevertheless, it has since been upgraded to an extremely impressive 15-year warranty. This just goes to show you how much the company believes in this product. As long as you use it properly, you won’t have to worry about replacing this juicer anytime soon. The 150-watt motor turns at the slow speed of 80 RPM. This means that you’ll get to enjoy nutritious and tasty juice whenever you use the VRT400HDS.


  • You get a 15-year warranty on the product
  • It features an auto-cleaning system
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • The Omega VRT400HDS is a multi-purpose machine
  • Compact design


  • It is not cheap
  • You have to chop your ingredients into small pieces


Overall Opinion: This is like an upgraded version of the VRT350. It includes some impressive features like automatic pulp ejection and an auto-cleaning system. While Omega VRT400HDS comes at a higher price, it is justified by its impressive features. It is compactly designed, so it won’t take up a lot of space on your kitchen countertop. It’s very easy to assemble this juicer and use it. However, you will need to make sure you chop your fruits and veggies into small pieces to ensure the machine doesn’t get clogged.

6. Omega CUBE300S | Compact Horizontal Juicer

The Omega CUBE300S is a relatively new juicer that is compactly designed to fit most modern kitchens. It is only a bit larger than the average 4-slice toaster. One of the best features of this machine is that all of its parts are stored inside of the cube. Thanks to the innovative design of the juicer, you won’t have to worry about misplacing certain parts. However, know that you’ll have to unpack all of the components before you can start juicing. Despite the fact that this is not a difficult process, it will increase your preparation time. In case you previously owned a horizontal, slow juicer then you’ll easily be able to assemble the CUBE300S.

The juicer comes with a powerful motor that has one speed and a reverse gear. It rotates the auger at 80 rotations per minute. The 200-watt engine is designed to extract juice from both soft and hard ingredients. It is capable of easily crushing frozen fruits, which is great if you plan on making sorbets. In case you plan on juicing mainly fruits, it’s recommended you get one of the aforementioned vertical juicers. However, if you plan on using mostly vegetables, a horizontal machine like the Omega CUBE300S is the perfect choice for you. Just like other slow juicers, this model was carefully designed to ensure minimal oxidation.

One of the impressive features of the Omega CUBE300S is its housing body that is made of transparent plastic. Keep in mind that previous models of the CUBE featured a dark shade plastic, which made it hard for you to see what was happening during the juicing process. Having a transparent housing body can be very helpful because it will show you whether you need to adjust the output pressure cap in the event that the juice gets backed up. It’s worth noting that the adjustable output pressure cap is also a very cool feature that essentially enables you to control the juice extraction pressure. The pressure level settings should be adjusted adequately based on the ingredients you are using. For instance, if you want to juice soft fruits, the cap should be turned either to zero or one. On the other hand, harder ingredients require more pressure, which means the cap needs to be turned to either two or three.

Another improvement over the previous models is the wider feed chute. This feature helps cut down your prep time since you won’t need to cut your fruits and veggies into very small pieces. Note that you won’t even need the food pusher in most cases. Instead, simply drop the pieces of veggies and fruits into the feed chute. One of the advantages of horizontal juicers is that they are much easier to clean than vertical models. You can wash the Omega CUBE300S within a few minutes.

Aside from being an excellent juicer, this model also has other functions. The machine can also serve as a coffee grinder, food processor, and pasta maker. No matter what meal you are preparing, you can use the Omega CUBE300S to chop ingredients into smaller pieces to cut down your preparation time. There is also a homogenizer function that you can use to make baby food or nut butter. This is another Omega appliance that comes with the impressive 15-year warranty.


  • The housing body is made of transparent plastic
  • The feed chute is larger than in previous models
  • The Omega CUBE300S features an extremely compact design
  • It has an adjustable output pressure cap
  • It is a multi-purpose machine


  • It has more parts than most juicers
  • It is less efficient than a lot of slow, horizontal juicers


Overall Opinion: This is a relatively new product from Omega that features an incredibly compact design. One of the main advantages of this juicer is that its housing body is made from transparent plastic, which allows you to see whether you need to adjust the output pressure cap during the juicing process. You can use the Omega CUBE300S to make anything from sorbets to baby food. There is an increased prep time when you compare this machine to most other masticating juicers because you need to unpack all of the components before you start juicing. This appliance comes with an impressive 15-year warranty.

7. Omega CNC80S | Affordable Option

If you’re looking for a cheaper Omega juicer, then you should consider the CNC80S. Although there are some flaws to this machine, it is arguably one of the best juicers you can get for that money. It is compact in size and lightweight, making it easy to move it around. In case you ever owned a horizontal, slow juicer before then you’ll probably find it very easy to assemble the Omega CNC80S. But you shouldn’t worry even if you didn’t because it only takes seven easy steps to prepare the machine for juicing.

The auger rotates at 80 rotations per minute, which ensure the extracted juice is filled with nutrients. Note that oxidation will be minimized, and this will enable you to store juice in a fridge for 72 hours without a significant loss of nutrients. It’ll probably take you just two or three minutes to clean the Omega CNC80S once you’re done juicing. In case you prefer to use a dishwasher, you can place all of the detachable parts on the top rack of.

Due to its compact size, this is one of the best travel juicers Omega has to offer. Even though it is a small juicer, it has quality components that will easily extract juice from various fruits and vegetables. Since this is a horizontal juicer, you should get the Omega CNC80S if you prefer to juice veggies. On the other hand, vertical juicers are more suitable for juicing fruits. One of the better features of this machine is that it comes with a large funnel, which means you won’t have to cut your ingredients into very small pieces.

Aside from offering this appliance at an affordable price, Omega also gives customers an amazing 15-year warranty for the product. Keep in mind that by buying the CNC80S, you’re getting more than just a juicer. You can use is as a food processor to chop veggies, fish, or meat into small pieces to reduce your prep time. There is also a grind function you can use on a number of ingredients, including coffee. Note that you’ll also get complementary nozzles that enable you to make pasta in various shapes.


  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • You can use it as a food processor, grinder, and pasta maker
  • It is the perfect travel juicer
  • You get a 15-year warranty for the product


  • The Omega CNC80S is not a good choice if you plan on juicing mostly fruits
  • The housing body is the only BPA-free component


Overall Opinion: In case you want a quality Omega juicer at an affordable price, you should consider getting the CNC80S. It represents one of the best travel juicers you can get due to its light weight and compact design. Despite its small size and cheap price, the Omega CNC80S is a multi-purpose machine. Aside from making juice, you can use it to make pasta, grind coffee, and more. Since this is a horizontal juicer, it’s recommended you get it if you plan on juicing mostly vegetables. This model features a large funnel, which means you won’t have to chop your ingredients into small pieces before juicing them.

8. Omega J4000 | Best Omega Centrifugal Juicer

Unlike all of the previously mentioned machines, this is not a slow juicer. Instead, it’s a centrifugal juicer with a vertical design. In other words, it operates at a very high speed. When it comes to centrifugal juicers, this is the best one Omega has to offer. It has a 1/3 horsepower motor that runs at 5,200 rotations per minute. It works by grinding up the fruits and veggies you put into the juicing bowl, which is made with heavy duty gauge surgical stainless steel. In other words, it was built to be durable. The reliability of this product is evident in the fact that the company offers a 15-year warranty.

Despite the fact that this is a centrifugal juicer, it makes minimal noise. The Omega J4000 features a very compact design that doesn’t occupy a lot of space on the kitchen countertop. One of the best things about this juicer is that it has a large feed chute. This means that you’ll easily be able to throw in a lot of ingredients without having to chop them into small pieces. The body of the Omega J4000 is made of BFA-free plastic, which will protect the juice from toxins.

Compared to most slow juicers, this model is available at a very affordable price. But despite its low price, it has some very impressive features. Dry pulp automatically gets collected and ejected into the bin, which is found on the back side of the machine. Meanwhile, the stainless steel blade maximizes the amount of juice you get from your ingredients. You can clean the Omega J4000 in a matter of minutes. Aside from washing it by hand, you can place the parts on the top rack of your dishwasher.

One of the most notable downsides to this machine is that it allows oxidation to reduce the nutrient levels in the juice. With that being said, you’ll still be able to make very healthy drinks if you use the Omega J4000. However, it’s recommended you drink them immediately instead of storing them in the fridge.


  • The juicing bowl is made from heavy duty gauge surgical stainless steel
  • It is very easy to wash the Omega J4000
  • It juices super fast
  • The juicer features a compact design


  • It allows oxidation to reduce the nutrient levels in the juice


Overall Opinion: This is one of the best centrifugal juicers Omega has to offer. It has a very powerful motor that runs at 5,200 rotations per minute. The stainless steel blades in the Omega J4000 maximize the amount of juice that gets extracted from fruits and vegetables. It features a vertical design with a large feed chute that allows you to throw in ingredients without having to chop them into small pieces first. One of the more notable features of this juicer is its body, which is made from BPA-free plastic. This helps protect your juice from toxins. On the other hand, a downside to the Omega J4000 is that it allows oxidation to reduce the amount of nutrients in the juice.

There is no doubt that Omega makes some of the best juicers that are on the market today. They also offer the industry-leading 15-year warranty for some of their best products. Although they have a few more expensive models, each of them is a very good investment. Keep in mind that there are many health benefits associated with juicing. With that being said, getting a juicer may completely transform your physical and mental health. In case you want to share your thoughts or experiences related to an Omega juicer, or if you have any questions, make sure you leave us a comment!

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