Best Juicer for Apples

The 7 Best Juicers for Apples in 2020

If you’re looking for the best juicer for apples, I got great news for you. I have been juicing for seven years and tested many different types of juicers during those years.

Juicing apples isn’t difficult at all. Most juicers are well equipped for this job. Before we get to my list of the best apple juicers, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

There are mainly two types of juicers available – slow and centrifugal juicers. Depending on your needs and budget, one or the other may be the better choice.

What’s the Best Juicer for Apples?

If money and time are no concern, the best juicer for apples would be a slow juicer with at least a 3-inch wide feed chute. 

Slow juicers make the healthiest juice possible. That’s why most juice bars all over the world use slow juicers. 

Juices made with a slow juicer are less prone to oxidation. The juice lasts longer.

You can keep it in the fridge for up to three days in the fridge without losing too many nutrients.

The downside to slow juicers is the high price tag and the time it takes to juice. A slow juicer juices slowly, it’s in the name! 

Making 16 oz of apple juice with a slow juicer may take you a minute or two. Juicing the same amount of apples with a high-speed centrifugal juicer might only take you a few seconds.  

My first choice for juicing apples are therefore centrifugal juicers. These types of juicers are also super affordable.

While a slow juicer with a 3-inch feed chute may cost you several hundred dollars, you can get a good centrifugal juicer for less than $100.

There are some noteworthy exceptions, though.

There are a few slow juicers that I would consider decent that won’t break the bank. I’ll cover those in this article as well.

Centrifugal juicers have fast-spinning blades and juice very quickly.

Unfortunately, because of the high speed, they’re also noisier than slow juicers. 

Juice made with a centrifugal juicer lasts for up to one day in the fridge. That’s not too bad.

All centrifugal juicers introduced her come with a wide feed chute that lets you shove in whole fruits. No need for precutting your apples before juicing. That’s a huge timesaver!

So, for most of you, a centrifugal juicer might be the better choice. 

I’d only go for a wide chute slow juicer if:

  • Money and time are no concern
  • You’ll want the most nutritious juice possible
  • You need your juice to have a shelf life of up to three days
  • You want to juice early in the morning or late at night without disturbing family members or neighbors

Otherwise, I’d go for a good, affordable centrifugal juicer. 

The 7 Best Juicers for Apples

Making apple juice with a juicer isn’t rocket science. Most budget juicers will get the job done. 

Here’s a list of the best juicers for apples. I included both centrifugal juicers and slow juicers on this list. 

1. Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer – Best  Affordable Apple Juicer 

The Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer is one of the bestselling and most affordable centrifugal juicers out there.

It’s the perfect apple juicer because of its powerful 1,100-watt motor. It juices super fast and you can make a 16 oz cup of apple juice in just seconds.

The Mueller Austria has two-speed settings. The low-speed setting is perfect for softer fruits like peeled oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, etc. 

The high-speed setting is great for harder fruits and veggies like apples, carrots, beets, and pears. 

You can juice everything from carrots, pears, beets, pineapples, kale, oranges, kiwis, etc. There are only a few fruits the Mueller Austria won’t juice. The possibilities for healthy, fresh juice are almost endless. 

If you’re mostly juicing apples, the size of the feed chute is very important. This juicer comes with an extra-large 3-inch feed chute.

If you’ve ever owned a juicer with a narrow feed chute, you’ll learn to appreciate a wider chute. With the 3-inch feed chute, you can shove in whole medium-sized apples all at once

You won’t have to cut everything into tiny little pieces. It literally cuts your preparation time in half

With this juicer, you’ll never have to worry about overheating. It has an overheating feature that will shut the juicer off automatically if you’re ever overdoing it.

The 1,100-watt motor is more powerful than most juicers out there. It spins the motor at a high speed up to 18,000RPM

You can make large batches of apple juice without ever worrying about overheating or needing to take a break. 

With the included 34 oz juice container you’ll be able to make apple juice for your whole family in one sitting. 

Here’s a full video review of the Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer. Skip to 4:18 to get a feel for the noise level of this machine. Centrifugal juicers are quite noisy. 


  • Great-looking and easy-to-clean stainless steel design
  • Easy to use and juices super fast; the perfect juicer for beginners
  • One of the most affordable juicers out there
  • 3-inch feed chute lets you shove in whole apples
  • 2-speed settings; high-speed setting works great for juicing apples
  • You’re not limited to apples; you can juice a wide variety of fruits and veggies
  • Safety locking arm can prevent injuries and misuse
  • You’re covered by a 2-year warranty
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • All plastic parts are BPA-free


  • The juice is prone to oxidation and only lasts for up to 24h in the fridge
  • A centrifugal juicer is noisier than a slow juicer


General Opinion: If you want your apple juice quickly, the Mueller Austria is a great choice. It’s an affordable centrifugal juicer that runs at a high speed of up to 18,000RPM. The second you put in the apples, the juice starts flowing out. This juicer comes with a convenient wide feed chute that lets you shove in whole apples without precutting. A centrifugal juicer like this is very easy to use and a great juicer for beginners. You’re not limited to juicing apples, but you’ll be able to juice almost every fruit and vegetable. No matter if you want to make a healthy green juice or a fresh tropical pineapple juice, the Mueller Austria will get it done. 

2. AMZCHEF Slow Juicer – Budget Slow Juicer with 3″ Feed Chute

Most slow juicers that come with a wide feed chute are super expensive. Kuvings and Hurom are two great brands that manufacture superior slow juicers. These juicers tend to cost $300 and more, though.

If you’re not ready to spend that kind of money, but still want a good slow juicer, the AMZCHEF is a great choice.

This juicer comes with both a small and an extra-wide 3-inch feed chute. The small 1.57-inch feed chute is great for celery and other small fruits and vegetables

The 3′-inch feed chute lets you juice whole fruits, including apples, all at once. 

This juicer operates very quietly. The noise level is less than 60dB!

That’s less than the noise level of a normal conversation. You can juice all day long without disturbing others.

A vertical slow juicer like this also has a small footprint. You can leave it on the counter all the time without it taking up too much space. 

Slow juicers are also called cold press juicers. They slowly grind out the last drop out of everything you put in.

They don’t heat up ingredients as centrifugal juicers do. It results in less nutrition loss and perfectly healthy juice

There are two different types of slow juicers available. Horizontal slow juicers and vertical slow juicers. This juicer is a vertical slow juicer

Horizontal slow juicers typically come with a narrow feed chute. They excel when it comes to juicing leafy greens.

They have the highest juice yields when it comes to juicing lightweight greens.

So, if you’re a fan of healthy green juice, I’d consider getting a horizontal slow juicer. 

If you’re only going to juice apples and other fruits, a vertical slow juicer is the better choice. 

Horizontal juicers usually (not all of them, though) come with a wider feed chute.

They’re great for making fruit juices. They have a high juice yield when it comes to juicing apples and other fruits.

Vertical juicers aren’t quite as good when it comes to juicing leafy greens, though. They can juice greens, but the juice yield isn’t quite as good as with horizontal juicers.

So, a vertical slow juicer like the AMZCHEF is a great juicer for apples. You’ll get the benefits of a slow juicer, combined with the convenience of a wide feed chute. 


  • Compared to other vertical juicers, the AMZCHEF is very affordable
  • Grinds the juice out slowly; more nutritious juice and extended shelf life
  • Comes with both a small and a 3-inch wide feed chute
  • Small footprint fits even in smaller kitchens
  • Operates more quietly than centrifugal juicers


  • Doesn’t juice as fast as a centrifugal juicer


General Opinion: The AMZCHEF vertical juicer is an affordable slow juicer option. It’s affordable and convenient to use. It’s a great slow juicer for apples and other fruits.

3. Aicok Slow Juicer – Budget Slow Juicer

The Aicok slow juicer is the best horizontal juicer in the lower price range you can get. It’s almost on par with the most expensive juicers out there when it comes to juice yield.

Especially if you’re juicing a lot of expensive organic produce, a high juice yield is gonna save you money. You’ll get more juice out of everything you put in.

Juicing apples with the Aicok slow juicer works perfectly. 

The Aicok slow juicer is not only great for apples but where it really excels is lightweight leafy greens. It’s almost as good as the $300 Omega juicers when it comes to greens. Juicing lightweight leafy greens is the most challenging task for any juicer!

To watch a full review, here’s a great video:

Update: Due to high demand, the Aicok slow juicer became more expensive during the last few months. Check out this latest-generation Aicok slow juicer that is usually selling for less

The downside to this horizontal juicer is the feed chute. It’s quite narrow and you’ll need to precut the apples before juicing them.

It’ll take you longer to make apple juice with this juicer. However, you’ll get rewarded with the healthiest juice possible. There’s almost no heat build-up and the juice won’t spoil as quickly

Cleaning the Aicok is a breeze.

There are only five small removable parts that need cleaning. You can rinse them off in less than two minutes. There’s a handy cleaning brush included with the Aicok.


  • The best budget horizontal slow juicer I know of
  • Great juice yield from everything ranging from leafy greens to fruits
  • Operates quietly at less than 60dB
  • Generous 3-year warranty


  • The feed chute is quite narrow
  • Juicing takes some time


General Opinion: The Aicok is a great slow juicer for apples. It’s almost as good as slow juicers that are selling for $300 or more when it comes to juice yield.

4. Breville JE98XL – Juices Super Fast

If you’ve ever watched the juicing documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”, you’re probably familiar with the Breville JE98XL. It’s the juicer Joe Cross uses in this great documentary.

The Breville JE98XL is a heavy-duty premium centrifugal juicer

It has a convenient 3-inch wide feed chute. It juices super fast! It can make up to 8 oz juice in only five seconds. That’s the beauty of a premium juicer like this.

The Italian-made micro-mesh filter can extract up to 30 percent more juice and 40 percent more vitamins than other centrifugal juicers. You’ll get a pretty nutritious juice with this centrifugal juicer.

The built-in froth separator ensures your juice is almost completely free of foam. 

The Italian-made mesh filter is super fine, which means there’s almost no pulp in your juice.

The Breville comes with a 2-speed electronic control.

The low speed is great for softer fruits and leafy greens. The high-speed is the setting you’ll want to use for juicing apples and harder vegetables.

Watch the Breville JE98XL in action:


  • Heavy-duty premium juicer
  • Overload protection LED 
  • Juices super fast; up to 8 oz in 5 seconds
  • Juice yield from apples and other fruits as good as it can get
  • Built-in froth separator
  • Juice runs through a super-fine mesh filter and is almost pulp-free
  • Large 34 oz juice container is included


  • It’s a pretty loud juicer
  • It’s a large juicer and difficult to move around


General Opinion: The Breville JE98XL is a great premium juicer. It comes with a sturdy body and all parts that come in contact with food are BPA-free. The juice goes through a very fine strainer is almost completely pulp-free. The built-in froth separator works perfectly as well. 

5. Aicok Centrifugal Juicer – Budget Apple Juicer

I love Aicok juicers. They combine the best of both worlds – low price and high efficiency

This Aicok centrifugal juicer comes with two speeds. It juices everything from soft fruits to hard vegetables. 

The 3-inch feed chute lets you put in whole fruits without precutting. 

The stainless steel body looks great and is easy to keep clean. The 16 oz juice jug is large enough for two glasses of fresh juice in one sitting. 

Cleaning this small juicer is easy. 

There are only a few removable parts that you’ll need to clean after juicing.


  • One of the most affordable juicers out there
  • Two speeds for soft fruits to hard vegetables
  • Comes with a convenient 3-inch feed chute
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Not quite as efficient as the Mueller Austria
  • It’s loud


Overall Opinion: You really can’t go wrong with Aicok. They offer decent juicers at great prices. The Aicok centrifugal juicer is another good juicer for apples. It’s a great centrifugal juicer with a wide feed chute selling at an attractive price. If you can get the Aicok for a huge discount to the Mueller Austria, go for it!

6. Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL – Centrifugal COLD Juicer

Are you worried about centrifugal juicers destroying nutrients? Worry no more!

This centrifugal juicer comes with a cold extraction system. Now, what does that mean?

This innovative technology avoids damage to vitamins and minerals from heat.

Although the Juice Fountain Cold XL is a centrifugal juicer, it transfers less than 1.8°F heat while extracting juice. That’s super impressive!

It preserves all the nutrients while juicing super fast. It’s 5x faster than slow juicers!

You can even see and taste it. The juice it produces has vibrant, bright colors and is so rich in taste

It’s the best centrifugal juicer for apples if you’re ready for the high price tag.

You’ll get the best out of two worlds. High-speed juice extraction and the most nutritious juice possible

The Juice Fountain Cold XL comes with an extra-large 70 oz juice container. You can juice apples in bulk without ever needing to stop!

If you’re worried about noise levels, I got great news for you.

This centrifugal juicer comes with a Quiet mode, that reduces noise levels by up to 40%. It’s not quiet by any means, but it’s less obnoxious than other centrifugal juicers. 


  • One of the best-looking juicers out there
  • Transfers only minimal heat; the end result is the most nutritious juice possible
  • Juice has bright, vibrant colors and tastes amazing
  • Store your fresh juice for up to three days in the fridge
  • Comes with a 70 oz juice container
  • Quiet mode is quieter than other centrifugal juicers
  • Overload protection LED


  • High price tag
  • Doesn’t juice lightweight leafy greens very well


General Opinion: The Juice Fountain Cold combines the best of two worlds. High-speed juicing and minimal heat. The end result is vibrant, nutritious juice that tastes amazing.

7. Kuvings B6000P – Premium Vertical Juicer

If money is no concern for you, here’s your best vertical slow juicer for apples. It’s the Kuvings B6000P. A super-efficient and powerful vertical juicer.

The Kuvings features an incredibly powerful 240-watt motor. That’s one of the strongest motors you’ll ever find in a slow juicer. 

Although this vertical juicer is powerful, it operates very quietly. It’s so quiet, you can hold a conversation while juicing.

The juice yield is the highest you’ll ever get with a vertical slow juicer. The pulp is very dry, nothing is wasted.

What I love about the Kuvings, is the included sorbet maker attachment. You can make healthy ice cream desserts with this juicer.

Cleanup is a breeze.

With the included cleaning tool you can get the strainer cleaned up in no time. The Kuvings comes with a 10-year limited warranty


  • Comes with a powerful 240-watt motor
  • Operates quietly
  • Kuvings cleaning tool makes cleanup a breeze
  • Comes with a sorbet maker attachment
  • The drip-free smart cap is great for making mixed juices
  • 3-inch wide feed chute
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • High price tag
  • Not quite as good at juicing leafy greens


General Opinion: If money is no concern, this is a great slow juicer for apples. It juices efficiently and has one of the most powerful motors you’ll ever find in a slow juicer. 

These were some of the best juicers for apples. I hope you found these juicer reviews helpful and it has given you a good place to start your own research. Have you tried juicing apples before? What’s your favorite juicer for apples? Ever tried juicing apples with a centrifugal juicer? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Stay vibrant, happy & healthy!

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