Best Juicer for Almond Milk

5 Best Juicers for Almond Milk (Nut Milk) in 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a good juicer for making delicious nut milk, I got great news for you. A little down below I have gathered the five best juicers for almond milk. 

Almond milk or really any nut milk should always be in your fridge. It’s a healthy alternative to dairy milk and is full of “good for you” nutrients. 

Homemade, fresh almond milk is so much better than store-bought nut milk. It tastes heavenly and you control exactly what’s going in there. 

What Makes a Good Juicer for Almond Milk?

Most juicers on the market are centrifugal juicers. These fast-spinning and loud juicers can’t make almond milk. 

For making delicious nut milk, you’ll need a slow masticating single auger or twin gear juicer. 

The best juicers for making almond milk are Omega juicers since these juicers come with different juicing screens and nozzles that turn these juicers into versatile kitchen helpers.

The 5 Best Juicers for Nut Milk

Without any further delay, here are my favorite five juicers for making great-tasting nut milk.

1. Omega NC900HDC – Best Juicer for Almond Milk

The Omega NC900 is a masticating juicer. These are also called slow juicers. They juice at very low speeds of only 80 RPM.

This way slow juicers minimize heat and oxidation and maximize nutrition. 

That not only gives you a healthier juice, but your juice also lasts longer. 

Juice made with a slow juicer can keep fresh in the fridge for 3 days. Juices made with a fast centrifugal juicer only lasts for up to 24 hours. For more information, check out this article I’ve written about this topic.

When it comes to masticating slow juicers, there’s one brand that stands out: Omega. 

Omega has been manufacturing slow juicers for decades and their juicers are some of the most popular juicers out there.

That’s for a good reason!

They have some of the highest juice yields of any juicer. They’re also very durable.

Omega is so confident in the quality of their machines that they give you a 15-year warranty.

That’s the most extensive warranty in the whole juicing industry!

If you decide on an Omega juicer, you’re guaranteed to have an excellent juicer for at least the next 15 years.

Unfortunately, the durability and extended warranty come with a higher price tag. If you want a cheaper alternative, the NC800 can be a good choice.

The NC800 is the same machine as the NC900, the only difference between the two is the color. While the NC900 comes in gorgeous-looking, shiny chrome color, the NC800 doesn’t look quite as good. Click here to see the Omega NC800

No matter if you decide on the NC800 or the NC900, you’ll get a ton of accessories with your juicer.

Cheaper juicers don’t even come close to the versatility the Omega NC900 or NC800 offers.

These Omega juicers are so much more than just juicers. They’re what Omega calls “Nutrition Center”. 

They come with 2 juicing screens and 6 different nozzles.

The nozzles allow you to make healthy nut butter, baby food, pasta, and even grind coffee beans.

How could it be on my list of the best juicers for almond milk, if it couldn’t make nut milk?

Of course, the NC900 makes delicious and silky-smooth almond milk. 

No matter what kind of nut milk you want to make, the NC900 will get it done.

It even can make soy milk like a champ!

What I love about the Omega NC900 is the new adjustable end cap.

Depending on the kind of produce you’re juicing, you’ll need to adjust the 5-setting end cap.

The end cap has a slightly higher learning curve. However, once you master it, it really helps you squeeze out the last drop out of everything you put in.

You can always choose to juice without the end cap in place. Then the juice yield will be roughly the same as the older generation Omega juicers. 

Not quite as high as with the end cap in place, but still impressive. Especially if you compare juice yield with cheaper slow juicers.

With an Omega NC900, you’re not wasting expensive produce. 

It has one of the highest juice yields of any juicer!

The only juicers that have comparable or even higher yields are the Greenstar Elite and the Super Angel Deluxe. 

The Super Angel Deluxe is the most expensive juicer on the market. You can get several Omegas for the price of one Super Angel Deluxe.

The Greenstar Elite is another great masticating juicer, but it’s more expensive and can be a pain to clean. 

Talking about cleanup…

The Omega NC900 is one of the easiest-to-clean slow juicers out there. There are only a few small parts you’ll need to clean. You can rinse them off in less than 3 minutes.

I’ll be honest with you.

A juicer isn’t as easy to clean as a blender. However, the Omega is still quick enough to clean that you want to use it every day.

And using this juicer daily may be just what you need for improving your health and well-being. 


  • Comes with a powerful 2 horsepower motor
  • Operates very quiet; you can run it early in the morning or late at night without disturbing neighbors or family members
  • It’s both a juicer & nutrition center; lets you make pasta, baby food, nut butter, nut milk, and much more!
  • The shiny chrome finish looks gorgeous in any kitchen!
  • Slow extraction gives you the healthiest juice possible
  • Comes with a 5-setting adjustable end cap for impressive juice yields
  • Has one of the highest juice yields of any juicer
  • Comes with an 80% wider feed chute compared to older models
  • Probably the easiest to clean juicer out there
  • 15-years is the most extensive warranty in the juicing industry 


  • Omega juicers are more expensive than most juicers
  • The adjustable end cap has a slightly higher learning curve


Overall Opinion: When it comes to the best juicers for almond milk, Omega juicers stand on top of the list. Most Omega juicers come with different nozzles and attachments that turn these juicers into a versatile kitchen helper. The Omega NC900 is an easy-to-use and clean juicer with an impressive juice yield. What’s even more impressive about this juicer is the 15-year warranty.

2. Omega J8006HDS – Budget Pick

The Omega J8006HDS is another great almond milk juicer. Just like the Omega NC800, the J8006HDS is a slow juicer. Slow juicers are also called cold press juicers. 

With a cold press juicer, you’ll get the maximum amount of nutrients. The taste and look of your juices are so much better than with a standard centrifugal juicer.

The Omega J8006 is usually more affordable than the NC900. They both offer a strong motor and have a high juice yield. 

However, the NC900 does squeeze out more juice than the J8006.

The NC900 also comes with a larger feed chute compared to the J8006. That means less preparation time for you. You don’t have to cut everything into tiny little pieces to make it fit the chute.

If you don’t care about the larger feed chute and want to save some money, the J8006 will serve you right.

The J8006 comes with the industry-leading 15-year warranty the NC900. And Omega juicers are real workhorses. Omega builds some of the best and most durable juicers out there. 

Since this juicer is what Omega calls a “Nutrition Center”, you’ll get all the different screens and nozzles to turn your juicer into a food processor. 

You can turn nuts into nut milk or nut butter, extrude pasta, grind spices and coffee, mince herbs and garlic, make healthy frozen desserts or baby food, and whip up soy milk in no time.

Just like the NC900, the J8006 is pretty easy to clean. It’s not quite as easy to clean as your blender, but for a juicer it’s quick. You can get it cleaned in less than 3 minutes. 


  • Comes with the Omega 15-year warranty
  • Usually more affordable than the NC900
  • This cold press juicer gives you the most nutritious juice possible
  • It’s a Nutrition Center; you can turn this juicer into a food processor
  • Great juicer for making nut milk
  • Quick to clean
  • Operates quietly


  • The feed chute is smaller compared to the NC900
  • Juice yield not quite as high as the NC900


Overall Opinion: The J8006 is the previous generation Omega juicer. Its juice yield isn’t quite as high as the NC900. The feed chute is also smaller compared to the latest generation Omega juicers. The J8006 is a good juicer for nut milk. However, it’s only worth it if you can get it for a huge discount compared to the NC900.

3. Greenstar Elite – Twin Gear Juicer for Making Nut Milk

The Greenstar Elite is a twin gear juicer. Just like the Omega juicers, this twin gear juicer cold presses the produce and gently squeezes out the juice.

However, instead of just using one big screw, the Greenstar Elite has two gears. They fit tightly together and squeeze out the last drop.

A twin gear juicer like the Greenstar Elite is even more efficient than single auger juicers like the Omegas.

The Greenstar Elite will give you some of the highest juice yields possible. The juice quality is also excellent. Nothin but healthy, fresh, cold-pressed juice.

You can keep your fresh juice for up to three days in the fridge without losing too many nutrients. 

The Greenstar Elite isn’t for everyone.

Twin gear juicers are some of the most expensive juicers out there!

The Greenstar Elite also is quite difficult to clean. Plan at least ten minutes for cleanup after making nut milk or juicing. 

If you don’t mind the high price tag and difficult cleanup, the Greenstar Elite is a great juicer for making nut milk. 

To make almond milk or any nut milk with the Greenstar Elite, simply soak the nuts overnight. Use the included fine juicing screen and juice the almonds together with some water. 

You can strain the milk with a nut milk bag or cheesecloth to get silk-smooth nut milk. Congratulations! You just made yourself healthy delicious nut milk. It’s that easy.

You can flavor your homemade nut milk with vanilla extract, cacao powder, sea salt, or some honey or agave nectar. I like my nut milk plain and simple. The choice is yours. 


  • Twin gear juicers have some of the highest juice yields possible
  • Makes delicious cold-pressed juice
  • Makes nut milk like a champ
  • The Greenstar Elite is one of the most durable juicers out there
  • Generous 15-year warranty for household use


  • The Greenstar Elite is an expensive juicer
  • This juicer is heavy and difficult to move around
  • It’ll take you longer to clean than an Omega juicer


Overall Opinion: If you’re serious about juicing and making nut milk, a twin gear juicer like the Greenstar Elite can be a good choice. It has one of the highest juice yields of any juicer! It’s only worth the high price tag, however, if you’re a juicing addict like me. For most people, a juicer like an Omega NC900 is the more affordable and wiser choice. 

4. Omega NC1000HDS – Latest Generation Omega Juicer

Just a few weeks ago, Omega released its latest model, the new Omega NC1000HDS. Since the NC900 and NC800 only differ in color, what’s the difference between the NC1000 and NC900?

The NC1000HDS comes with a stronger motor. It has a 200-watt motor instead of the 150-watt motor in the NC900.

Although the motor is more powerful, the noise level is about the same. They’re both pretty quiet for a juicer. 

You can juice or make nut milk early in the morning or late at night without waking up the house. 

The new motor can power through stringy veggies like celery more effectively than the older version.

The NC1000 also looks more modern than the NC900.

Other than that, there isn’t really much difference between the two juicers.

The NC1000 comes with an adjustable end cap for high juice yields. The pulp is dry and the high juice yield is a real money saver. You’ll get more juice out of everything you put in. 

This latest generation Omega juicer comes with 6 different nozzles. No matter if you want to make delicious pasta or baby food, grind coffee beans, make nut butter, or nut milk. The NC1000 will get it done in no time. 

Just like the other Omega juicers, this latest model also comes with the generous 15-year warranty. If you decide on the NC1000, you’ll have peace of mind for at least the next 15 years. 


  • This juicer is small enough to store even in small kitchens
  • The new design looks gorgeous
  • 33% more power than previous generation Omega juicers
  • Although the motor is powerful, it still operates quietly
  • Omega juicers are some of the easiest-to-clean slow juicers available 
  • Large feed chute cuts your preparation time in half
  • The juice yield is higher compared to cheaper juicers
  • Generous 15-year warranty


  • Omega juicers aren’t cheap 


Overall Opinion: If budget is no concern for you, go for the NC1000. It comes with a stronger motor than previous generation Omega juicers. It’s a great juicer for making nut milk, nut butter, pasta, baby food, and so much more.

5. Hurom HP Slow Juicer – Vertical Juicer for Nut Milk

Just like Omega, Hurom is a major player in the slow juicer market. The Hurom HP slow juicer is a good juicer for almond milk. 

This juicer can meet all your juicing needs. No matter if you want to make fresh juice, sorbets, or delicious almond milk, this small juicer will get it done. 

The Hurom HP Slow Juicer is different than the Omega juicers introduced here. Omega juicers are horizontal slow juicers, the Hurom is a vertical slow juicer. 

Vertical juicers can juice at a faster speed compared to horizontal juicers. Vertical juicers are great for making fruit juices but aren’t quite as efficient at juicing leafy greens. 

So, if you’re a lover of fresh green juice, the Hurom might not be your first choice. 

If you’re in need of a powerful but small juicer for nut milk, that won’t take up much countertop space, this vertical juicer will serve you right. 


  • Rotating at just 43 RPM, this juicer is super quiet
  • 10-year warranty on the motor
  • The vertical design takes up less space than Omega juicers
  • Great juicer for making nut milk
  • Way less clogging and pulp than most vertical juicers
  • Higher juice yield than most vertical juicers


  • Isn’t quite as efficient at juicing leafy greens as the Omega juicers
  • The feed chute is too small for my taste
  • Prone to clogging if you’re using a lot of stringy veggies
  • Short two-year warranty on parts other than the motor


Overall Opinion: Vertical juicers fit perfectly in smaller kitchens. If you don’t want to waste countertop space, the Hurom HP Slow Juicer is a great choice. It’s one of the best-performing vertical juicers on the market. 

Related Questions

What’s the Best Juicer for Almond Milk?

The best juicers for almond milk, or any nut milk, are Omega juicers. These horizontal slow juicers come with different screens and nozzles that turn your juicer into a great device for making nut milk and many more kitchen tasks.

For those of you preferring smaller juicers, the Hurom vertical juicers can be a good choice. 

How Do You Make Almond Milk in a Juicer?

Making nut milk in your juicer isn’t rocket science.

  1. Just soak the almonds or nuts overnight in water. Please make sure the almonds are well covered. It makes the almonds softer and makes it easier for your juicer to create delicious nut milk.
  2. The next day, pour out the water and rinse the almonds. Please make sure to rinse the almonds until the water is clear.
  3. Add some clean, filtered water back into the bowl (3 cups water for every 1 cup of almonds)
  4. Turn your juicer on
  5. Slowly add the almonds together with the water into your juicer
  6. Use a nut milk bag or a cheesecloth to filter the nut milk. You could skip this step with the Hurom or Omega since they already strain the milk. However, for best results, I’d still use a nut milk bag to make it heavenly smooth.
  7. You can add vanilla extract, stevia, cocoa powder, honey, or just leave it plain
  8. Fresh almond milk will last for 2-3 days in the fridge. Make sure to store it in an airtight container filled up to the top. 
  9. Enjoy your delicious, silk-smooth almond milk!

These were my favorite juicers for almond milk. I hope you found this review of the best juicers for nut milk helpful and it has given you a good place to start your own research? Have you made almond milk in a juicer or blender before? Any nut milk recipes you would like to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Remember to stay vibrant, happy, and healthy!

Vibrant Happy Healthy

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