Juice Fast Beginners Guide

The Beginners Guide to a Juice Fast

We are going to give you some beginner’s tips on how to start a juice fast the right way and feel the incredible benefits of beginning a juice fast.

Juicing is a fun and colorful way to provide extra vitamins minerals and enzymes, but there are many delicious juice recipe combinations that also taste amazing. Get started by making your own fresh raw organic rainbow of juice that will add vibrancy and color to your body and life. Drinking juice on an empty stomach can be a great way to start the day and supply your body with concentrated liquid to your cells, organs, and blood.

You need to begin by purchasing a juicer; there are a number of different juicers on the market ranging from $50 to over $600. For those of you who do not have a juicer, you can also use a high-speed blender or a Nutribullet. This process is slightly different and involves blending your juicing ingredients with a little water if needed, and straining the liquid and pulp through a net bag or a fine mesh strainer.

What Is Juicing?

When you make a juice, you are squeezing all of the juice out of your fruits and vegetables and leaving out the pulp. The juice is the water and most of the nutrients in the fruit and vegetable. The benefits of juicing and removing the pulp mean your body doesn’t have to do the work of breaking down and digesting all the fiber.

It is much easier for your body to immediately absorb the nutrients and the enzymes in the fruit and vegetables this way. The process of juicing is achieved by pressing vegetables and fruits through a juicer machine, this concentrates all the liquid nutrients into a juice you can drink and easily digest, giving you incredible health benefits.

What Do I Juice?

Juicing Basics Beginners Tips and GuideYou can pretty much juice just about any fruit or vegetable! You want to purchase fresh organic fruits vegetables from your local grocery store or farmers market. Remember, they must be organic in order to reduce your exposure to pesticides and harmful chemicals that are toxic to your bodies. When making fresh homemade juice, focus on vegetables, as juicing only fruits can be high in fructose.

Juices high in fructose can promote insulin resistance and weight gain. Instead, focus on vegetables as your main juice components, and use low sugar fruits, such as a tasty green apple to sweeten and round out the flavor of your juice. Make sure to avoid over-consuming fructose, during your juice fast and stick to a safe ratio of 80% vegetables and 20% fruit.

Why Do a Juice Fast?

Juicing Basics Beginners Tips Detoxification

Consuming only fresh juice for a period of time frees up the digestive system and allows it to focus on cleansing, so our body can carry out toxins as well as remove any backup of waste material that can overload the body and the liver. This is especially the case for longer juice fasting, but even one day of a juice fast can do complete wonders to your body, allowing the cell to do some internal cleaning.

Green juices are the most cleansing juice blends that you can consume. They are especially beneficial if you want to cleanse the blood from heavy metals, candida, and unwanted parasites. Your body does naturally detoxify itself, but by simply removing the toxic foods would normally consume and focus on only drinking fresh vibrant juices allows our organs to rest so they can be rebooted and work properly.

Mental Clarity

Drinking juices on an empty stomach help your body become more alert. A juice fast can unlock your mental clarity, and help anyone who struggles with focus.


The benefits of juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables and removing the pulp mean your body doesn’t have to do any of the work to break down and digest all of the fiber. It’s much easier for your body to immediately absorb all of the nutrients and the enzymes that were in the produce.

It is a fast track way for your body to gain nutrients into your cells, so it’s a really convenient tasty way of getting more fruits and veggies into your system. Juicing is especially powerful for anybody who is tired, stressed sick or feels a cold or flu coming on or if you are simply worn down. It is a quick and delicious way boost of nutrients into the body! Check out: 15 Juice Recipes for Energy.

How Much Juice Can I Drink on a Fast?

Aim for 400-500ml of juice per serving, 5 to 6 times a day during a fast. This is a total of 2-3 liters of juice, this will be what your body will be craving and need. Drink your juice within 15 minutes of making it, when the fresh juice is exposed to the air, the juice start to oxidize and live enzymes start to break down and destroy.

If you save the juice for later in the day ensure you fill it in in an airtight container or jar in the fridge. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water on your juice fast! You will be releasing lots of toxins and you need to flush them out easily. In addition to the 2-3 liters of juice you are dirking, drink a minimal 2 liters of water during the fast.

How to Start Your Fast

Begin by preparing your body and take a full week to limit eating processed food, clean eat for a full week where you know all the ingredients are wholesome. Cut down on cooked foods a few days before, 2 days before begin by starting to consume raw salads, raw fruits and begin to introduce more juices before your real juice fast so your body gets used to the consuming the juices.

Aim at drinking 2-3 liters of water each day during your fast in addition to your juices during your fast.

How to End Your Fast

Breaking your fast healthily and safely vital. Your digestive system has fundamentally gone to sleep during your fast, you need to slowly wake it up and safely break your fast. Take a 3rd of your time fasted, in breaking the fast (for example, if you do a fast for 6 days, take 2 days to slowly introduce solid foods).

You can do so by slowly incorporating fiber-rich smoothies and broths, then continue to add soft easily digestible fruits. The final step to breaking your fast begins by adding raw or lightly steamed vegetable salads before you eat your usual cooked foods.

Are you new to juice fasting, or do you have any juice fasting tips? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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