Best Blender for Hummus

The 5 Best Blenders for Hummus in 2020

Hmmm… Hummus! Who doesn’t love this savory dip made from cooked chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon juice, and Oriental spices?

Its smooth, creamy flavor melts right in your mouth!

There’s only one thing that’s better than hummus and that’s fresh homemade hummus. You can control exactly what’s going in and how much calories are added.

If you’re searching for the best blender for hummus, look no further! I’ve done the hard work for you and found the best hummus blenders. A little down below you’ll find my favorite models.

What makes a good blender for hummus?

Making Hummus in BlenderThe best blender for hummus requires a strong motor base in order to create that perfectly thick and creamy consistency we all crave.

Most standard blenders you can find at your local electronic store won’t have enough power for this kind of job. You’ll need at least 1,000 watts of blending power combined with an effective blade design to create perfect hummus.

The blenders down below all feature powerful motors. If you want the best bang for your buck and won’t need a lot of extras, I’d go for the Oster 1200, as it’s the most affordable blender on this list.

Hopefully, this article will give you a good place to start your own research to find your perfect hummus blender. Without further delay, let’s get to the blender models in detail.

The 5 Best Blenders for Hummus

Here are my five favorite blenders for making delicious hummus. At the end  of the list, I’ve included my favorite immersion blender for making hummus as well.

1. Ninja Blender Professional | The Best Blender for Hummus

The Ninja Professional blender is one of the most beautiful blenders on the market.  What a great-looking, sleek design! This beauty is equipped with a strong 1,000-watt motor. This is more than enough power for making great-tasting, fluffy hummus.

The Ninja blender comes with a unique blade design unseen in other blenders. Ninja calls it “Total Crushing Blades”. There are six blades going in different directions that make it easy to chop up whole chickpeas in no time. The blades are extremely sharp, so you gotta be cautious while cleaning them.

The unique blade design is not only great for making hummus, but it literally pulverizes ice into snow in seconds. Watch this video to see the Total Crushing Technology in action:

Especially if you’re making hummus in your blender, there will always be food stuck under the blades which makes it difficult to clean.

Not so with the Ninja Professional. The design of the blades is brilliant!

You can completely remove the blades from the pitcher after blending. It not only makes it easy to scrape out all the hummus, but it makes it super easy for you to clean as well.

What I love about Ninja blenders is the affordability. It’s the perfect blender for those of us who aren’t prepared to pay $500 for a high-end Vitamix or Blendtec blender.

The Ninja isn’t quite as powerful as a Vitamix, but it gets most blending jobs done. No matter if you want to make delicious smoothies, frozen drinks, ice cream, nut milk, nut butter, or sauces & dips – the Ninja can do it!

The 72 oz jar is huge, you can make large batches of hummus for your whole family without an issue. The plastic pitcher is BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in your blend.

The Ninja Professional comes with beautiful LED backlights that look gorgeous. You really won’t have any difficulties operating your new blender. There are only five buttons and all buttons are clearly labeled.


  • The 1,000-watt motor is powerful
  • The beautiful, slim design will look great on your counter
  • The removable blades make it easier to clean the pitcher
  • Total Crushing Technology creates perfect, creamy hummus
  • This blender is easy to use


  • Some users reported cracking of the plastic jar after a while
  • Only comes with a 1-year limited warranty


Overall Opinion: When it comes to value for the money, nothing can beat Ninja blenders in my opinion. They come with powerful motors and unique, well-thought-through blade design. The result is perfectly creamy and delicious hummus every single time. The relatively low price combined with the strong performance makes this my top pick for the best blender for making hummus.

2. Oster 1200 Pro | 1200-Watts Blending Power

The Oster 1200 Pro is another great blender for hummus. Given the versatility and power this machine delivers, it’s very low priced.

The 1,200-watt motor works really well with most blending jobs. It’s not as powerful as a 3 horsepower Vitamix, but still better than your standard blender which has 600-watts or less of blending power.

The Oster 1200 can pulverize greens into smoothies, turn frozen fruits into ice cream, and even crushes ice like a champ.

This Oster model has a 50% larger blade system than previous-generation models, which can help you blend more thoroughly. Good hummus has to be thick. So, the bigger the blades you have, the more easily they can move the hummus around.

The patented “Dual Direction Blade Technology” also helps you make your hummus fluffier. “Dual Direction Blade Technology” is a fancy way of saying the blades move in both directions, helping you pulverize everything you put in more easily.

What I love about this blender is the glass jar. The glass container won’t absorb food smells as easily and you can wash it at higher temperatures without any problem. So, if you’re using a lot of garlic in your hummus, this is definitely a plus!

The glass jar also can withstand high temperatures easily. I usually make hummus using hot chickpeas, so this is another plus. Also, if you’re using ingredients like tomatoes and red peppers, they can easily stain plastic jars. My expensive Vitamix plastic jar doesn’t look very well after a few years of usage. This is a non-issue with glass jars.

In addition to the glass jar, this blender also comes with a smaller 24 oz smoothie cup. You can blend right into this cup and take it with you on the go. The only downside is that the smoothie cup is prone to leaking, so be careful when you carry it in your bag. Also, the lid tends to slide closed when trying to drink, which makes it a little awkward to drink.

I really wish Oster could work on the quality of the lid. I think it’s a great idea to have both a full-size blender and a single-serve personal blender in one device.

The Oster 1200 comes with some smart settings such as presets for smoothies, food chopping, and milkshakes. Unfortunately, there’s no preset for hummus. However, you can choose from three manual speeds as well.

For making hummus, start with the chop/salsa setting, which alternates the blades forward and backward at a low speed. This really mixes all the ingredients up well. You can then use the “high” setting and blend until everything is creamy and smooth. In addition to the manual speeds, there’s a pulse function giving you the extra power you need for making hummus.

Although this blender comes with seven functions to choose from, you won’t have any issues operating your new Oster blender. All seven buttons are clearly labeled and self-explanatory.

Oster’s warranty is reasonable at 10 years on the All-Metal Drive and 3 years on all remaining parts. Oster says their All-Metal Drive should last at least 10,000 smoothies, which probably should translate to 10,000 bowls of hummus.


  • The 1,200-watt motor makes hummus like a champ
  • Dual Direction Blades help you blend more thoroughly
  • Glass jar won’t absorb food smells as easily
  • Generous 10-year warranty on the All-Metal Drive, and 3-years on all remaining parts


  • The plastic chrome base shows fingerprints easily
  • The plastic parts feel a little cheap
  • Smoothie jar lid doesn’t close safely
  • The glass jar is heavier than a regular plastic container


Overall Opinion: I can see why the Oster 1200 Pro is one of the bestselling blenders of all time. Combine a strong 1,200-watt at an affordable price and you got a winner! The glass jar has many benefits, making this a good blender for making hummus.

3. Vitamix E310 Explorian | The Beast

If you heard about blenders, you surely heard about Vitamix. They’re the go-to brand for strong and reliable commercial blenders. You can find Vitamix in restaurants and juice bars all around the world. They’re built to last. If you ever wondered what kind of blender Starbucks uses, it’s a Vitamix as well. I’ve written a whole article about it, you can check it out here: What Kind of Blender does Starbucks Use?

Let’s get back to topic. Why do I think the Vitamix E310 Explorian is a great blender for hummus?

First of all, the Vitamix E310 Explorian is Vitamix’s least expensive model. That doesn’t mean it’s cheap, but it costs considerably less than other Vitamix models.

The lower price doesn’t translate to less power!

It doesn’t matter if you buy a $700 or a $300 Vitamix, they all have pretty much the same motor. They only differ in functions, jar size, and design. More expensive Vitamix models come with fancy presets and intuitive LED displays. If you don’t need any of those, the Vitamix E310 is a great choice.

The Vitamix is equipped with a strong 2 horsepower motor. It’s so powerful that it can make a piping hot soup out of cold ingredients. With just the friction of the blades, this powerhouse blender can bring cold ingredients to steaming hot in under 10 minutes. So, if you’re a fan of hot hummus, this is a great choice!

This low-entry Vitamix model comes with classic 10-speed variable control. It gives you full control of your blend and you can make a great variety of different textures including creamy, fluffy hummus.

When you start this machine on the lowest setting and slowly ramp it up to the highest setting, it literally sounds like a jet engine starting up! It will pulverize anything you put into it. No matter if you want to make super-smooth, chunk-free green smoothies or creamy nut butter, there’s nothing this Vitamix can’t do!  No more icky chunks in your mouth.. ever.

The included temper is especially helpful for making hummus. It helps you process thick hummus more easily, and you’ll never have to stop your blender to scrape the sides.

The included 48 oz BPA-free jar is large enough to create a full batch of hummus for your whole family. It’s still probably small enough to fit under your kitchen cabinet.

Once you’re done with making hummus, you’ll love the self-cleaning function. The Vitamix motor is so powerful, that all you’ll need is a drop of dish soap and warm water. Just add everything to the jar, turn the Vitamix to the highest speed and watch it clean itself in less than a minute.

What I love about high-end commercial blenders is the extended warranty. This Vitamix blender comes with a full 5-year warranty, covering all parts and even shipping costs.


  • The 2 horsepower motor is strong enough to turn cold ingredients to piping hot in under 10 minutes
  • Truly chunk-free, fluffy smoothies, and hummus
  • Clean-looking commercial blender design with easy to use control panel
  • Vitamix blenders are durable and used by restaurants and juice bars all over the world
  • The Tamper helps you process thick hummus more easily
  • Watch your Vitamix blender clean itself in less than 60 seconds
  • The full 5-year warranty will give you peace of mind


  • The Vitamix is the most expensive blender on this list
  • Higher performance comes with higher noise levels
  • Vitamix charges high prices for larger containers


Overall Opinion: When it comes to blenders, you get what you pay for. With a Vitamix, you’ll pay for durability and higher performance. It’s well worth the price if you’re serious about blending and making perfect hummus!

4. Ninja Foodi | Cold & Hot Blender for Hummus

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a Vitamix, the Ninja Foodi is a decent alternative. It has a great 1,400-watt motor and is one of the few Ninja blenders that come with a tamper. As I said before, a tamper is very helpful for making hummus. It lets you push ingredients back down to the blades without having to stop the machine.

The Ninja Foodi is the only Ninja blender I know of that comes with a glass jar. If you’re a fan of glass jars, feel free to check out my list of the best blenders with a glass jar.

This generous 64 oz glass pitcher allows you to make large batches of hummus for up to 8 persons.

Now, besides the glass jar, what’s so special about this machine? Why does Ninja call it a “Foodi Blender”?

Easy! This latest-generation Ninja blender has the same “pulverizing power” you’d expect from a high-powered Ninja blender, plus the ability to heat and cook ingredients.

It has a  built-in 800-watt heating element that not only helps you cook delicious and healthy homemade soups, but you can even make great-tasting hot hummus!

You’ll never have to use hot or warm ingredients again.

You can cook the chickpeas or other ingredients the day before and the Ninja Foodi will still make perfect ready hot hummus for you. Being able to cook and blend at the same time is a real time saver!

If you love innovative technology, you’ll love the Ninja Foodi.

It comes with what Ninja calls “Auto-IQ Plus Heat”. Auto IQs are intelligent programs and automated patterns of blending and pausing. You press one button and you can walk away while your Ninja blender does all the work for you.

The Ninja Foodi has twelve of these Auto IQ presets.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a preset for hummus, but the automated sauce & dip function works very well for making hummus.

In addition to the twelve presets, you can choose from several manual speeds, including a manual cooking function. The built-in timer shows you the exact blending time, so there’s absolutely no guesswork involved. Very impressive for a blender in this price range.

The biggest downside to Ninja blenders is the short 1-year warranty. I really would like to see a more extended warranty for a blender like this.


  • The 1,400-watt motor is strong enough for all kinds of blending tasks
  • The Ninja Foodi is solidly built
  • The price is very reasonable given the endless functions, versatility, and performance
  • Blends ingredients to a silk-smooth, fluffy consistency almost like a high-end blender
  • 800-watt heating element turns your blender into a versatile kitchen helper
  • Love the large 64 oz glass pitcher


  • This blender comes with a lot of functions, this makes the control panel more difficult to operate
  • The self-cleaning mode is great for cleaning after making smoothies but struggles to get it clean after making soups or hummus
  • The non-removable heating element and glass makes the jar very heavy
  • Blender jar can’t be immersed in water or put into your dishwasher because of the heating element. You need to use the self-cleaning function
  • Only comes with a 1-year limited warranty


Overall Opinion: The Ninja Foodi is Ninja’s latest innovation. It blends almost as thoroughly as more expensive high-powered blenders. The glass jar comes with a built-in heating element that lets you cook and blend at the same time. A versatile, solid, and great blender for making hummus at a reasonable price.

5. Ninja Mega Kitchen | The Classic Ninja System

If you’re not quite ready for the latest-generation Ninja Foodi, I got a more classical approach for you. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System has been around for ages but is still one of the best-selling Ninja blenders.

And that’s for a good reason, let me explain why.

For the relatively low price, you’ll get much more than just a blender. In addition to the powerful 1,500-watt base, you’ll get a large 72 oz pitcher, not one but two 16oz smaller to-go cups, as well as a 64 oz processor bowl.

You can use the 72 oz large jar for large batches, or use one of the smaller jars for making a small batch.

The smaller 16 oz jars fit perfectly on the base and you can blend directly in them. They come with convenient to-go lids to take your nutrient-rich drinks with you wherever you go.

The lids are secure, just like you would expect of a Ninja. You basically get a single-serve blender and a full-size countertop blender in just one device.

The food processor bowl helps you make perfect-looking and tasting hummus every single time. Not only can you make delicious hummus, but the processor bowl is great for kneading dough, or chopping vegetables.


  • One large 72 oz jar, two small 16 oz cups, and 64 oz food processor bowl makes this a complete kitchen system
  • More affordable than other blenders with similar performance and accessories
  • The 1,500-watt motor has all the power you’ll ever need
  • All-in-one device saves you storage space
  • Comes with different blades for making dough etc.
  • Classical design and control panel makes it easier to use


  • Again, I don’t like the short 1-year limited warranty on Ninja blenders
  • Some users reported cracking of the plastic jar after heavy use
  • Processor bowl seems cheaply made and isn’t covered by the limited warranty
  • There’s no hole on the top of the food processor bowl for adding liquids while processing
  • Doesn’t have a lot of presets like the latest-generation Ninja blenders


Overall Opinion: The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a versatile all-in-one device selling at an attractive price. It has withstood the test of time. Although it has been on the market for several years, it’s still one of the best-selling Ninja blenders up to this date.

The Best Immersion Blender for Hummus

For those of us who prefer immersion blenders to make hummus, here is my top pick.

Why would you choose an immersion blender rather than a full-size blender?

Immersion blenders don’t take up any counter space. They’re so small you can store them just about anywhere.

Immersion blenders are also affordable, easy to clean, and versatile.

No matter if you want to whip cream, beat eggs, re-blend separated nut butter, make hummus, or puree fruits & veggies, the immersion blenders down below will get the job done.

Ok, are you ready for the best immersion blenders for making hummus? Here we go!

1. Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick | Solid & Affordable 

The Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick features a 500-watt motor. It’s more powerful than most and it’s more powerful than you would expect for an immersion blender at this price.

The Mueller Austria immersion blender is a solid device. It won’t overheat even if you make larger batches of hummus.

Making hummus with an immersion blender takes more time than using a high-powered countertop blender. However, in the end, the result will be almost as good.

An immersion blender like the Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick is great for those of us who only want to make hummus once in a while. You can easily store it and it won’t clutter your kitchen.

If you hate cleaning large kitchen devices, you’ll love this immersion blender! It’s so easy to take apart and clean, it’ll blow your mind!


  • Easier to keep clean than countertop blenders
  • Comes with nine different speeds
  • Doesn’t take up any counter space and is easy to store
  • It comes apart with a simple twist


  • Better suited for making small batches of hummus
  • It’ll take longer to make hummus than with a full-size blender


Overall Opinion: If you’re small on countertop space and only make small batches of hummus once in a while, an immersion blender is a great option. The Mueller Austria Ultra-Twist is powerful, affordable and easy to use, ticking all the boxes.

Homemade hummus is always superior to the store-bought version since you can control exactly what’s going inside. Choosing the best blender for hummus doesn’t have to difficult. I hope this article has given you a great start to do your own research. In the end, as long as you pick a blender with at least 1,000-watts of blending power, making hummus shouldn’t be a difficult task for your blender. Always remember to stay vibrant, happy, and healthy!

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