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Can You Take a Blender on a Plane? Yes, but..

The most dedicated juice lovers may be hesitant to leave their blenders at home when they need to travel. Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, traveling while juicing can be a bit confusing and maybe stressful. The internet is full of bad advice about traveling with your blender, so the actual answer can be hard to find. Here’s the truth, straight from the Transportation Security Administration of the United States.

Can you take a blender on a plane? Yes, you can bring a blender on a plane. If your blender is in your carry-on bag, the blade must be removed. If your blender is in your checked bags, the should be sheathed or wrapped securely. This is to prevent injury to the baggage handlers and other airport personnel.

There is more to this answer than just what the TSA says, however. What about specific airline rules? How would you even make this work? What happens when you reach your destination? Let’s explore this topic in greater detail so you can spend your next trip concentrating on fun or work and not worrying whether your blender will be confiscated or not.

Do Your Homework

Before we get too far into some common questions and answers on this topic, we need to talk about regulations. This site cannot replace due diligence on your part or doing some research for your specific situation. I’ll do my best to be thorough, but there are a lot of puzzle pieces to put together for your specific needs. Look at this article as a basic guide to get you started, but please make sure to check current TSA, FAA, and PHMSA regulations before you buy your tickets. The rules change often!

Airports May Have Their Own Security or Rules

Airport Security CheckEven though TSA regulations are standard across the board, there could be more to your blender transporting adventure than just what the TSA says. Airports may have their own rules regarding what can and cannot go in your bags. They may even have non-TSA screening staff.

That’s right, the security people at some airports may be private security and not federal employees at all. What does that mean for your blender? Well, these private airport security teams are still trained just like TSA agents, in fact, they use the same training at the TSA Academy and must pass the same background checks and medical exams. They are held to the same standards as TSA agents. That means they’ll know the TSA rules about blenders in carry-on bags or checked baggage, so they shouldn’t give you any trouble. But see below on TSA’s final decisions.

The airport may have their own rules in addition to TSA’s rules, but it’s not common. While airport rules are usually closely aligned with TSA’s standard regulations, it never hurts to check before you buy your tickets.

What About the Destination Airport?

It’s unlikely that your carry-on or checked bag with your blender will be flagged at the destination airport, but stranger things have happened. It’s worth a phone call before your flight to be sure there won’t be any issues once you arrive.

Also, many people head back home using the same airport they flew into, to begin with. In which case, your bags will be scanned or searched anyway before your flight home. Taking a little time before your flight to check the rules and procedures of the other airport is always a good use of your time.

Airlines Might Have Their Own Rules

Even though the TSA regulations say you can bring a blender on a plane, you may run into some additional rules once you actually arrive at the gate. Some airlines have their own specific guidelines regarding blenders or other objects with sharp blades. These rules would be in addition to TSA guidelines, not in place of them.

Again, it’s best to check with potential airlines before you choose one.

TSA Officers Make the Final Decision

No matter how careful you are with packing your blender, or how sure you are that you’ve followed all the rules, you may be stopped anyway. Even though the TSA rules state that you can bring a blender on a plane, a TSA agent gets to make the final call.

Some reasons they may stop you for bringing your blender on a plane include:

  • Not removing the blade. This is only for carry-on luggage. The TSA website clearly states that blenders are allowed on the plane. However, any blenders in carry-on bags must have the blade removed. It doesn’t say the blade has to go in a separate bag, but it would be wise to call and check for that detail.
  • The blade wasn’t wrapped and secured in the bag. In point one, the blade must be removed from the blender if the blender will be in carry-on bags. The next part of the rule states that any sharp objects need to be wrapped and secured inside checked bags for safety reasons. This includes blender blades.
  • The agent simply chooses not to allow it. It may not seem fair, but the regulation states that TSA agents get the final say in what goes on the plane. You may be able to appeal the decision, but you’ll need to do so carefully. There are proper channels for that; don’t make a scene or become aggressive toward TSA agents.


The way the TSA regulation reads could be a bit confusing when you want to know if you can bring a blender on a plane. It doesn’t explicitly state that the removed blade must be put in checked baggage and not in the carry-on bags. But it does imply that to be the case by mentioning blades in checked baggage. Yes, you can bring a blender on a plane, but either call the airport and find out the exact rules, or just remove the blade, wrap it securely, and put it in your checked baggage just to be safe.

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